Espelho Beach Espelho Beach

Beach and sophistication in one place.

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The Espelho beach (or Curuípe), located 22 km from downtown Trancoso, is full of charm and sophistication. This is an exotic and peaceful beach, with a calm sea of a greenish color, where beautiful natural pools are formed.

Besides its natural beauty, the location has excellent hostels, bars and restaurants. These establishments often serve drinks, snacks, traditional dishes from Bahia, seafood and other fine options.

In the crystal-clear sea, you can find coral reef formations and natural pools, appreciated by those who enjoy diving. In the sand, coconut trees, cliffs and observatories that offer a panoramic view of the whole place.

In the beach, you will also find tents placed in the sand, and you can enjoy deckchairs, straw mats and pillows while you admire the view with comfort.

Besides the beach, there is a local village called Vila do Outeiro, full of colorful houses, shops, inns, ateliers and restaurants.

Key information and tips

Tourist Services : +55 (73) 3012-2782

Opening hours:
Open 24/7

Free admission

Duration of the Visit
2 hours
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Praia do Espelho


Trancoso, BA

In Trancoso and Caraíva you can also choose to take a boat trip that goes through Praia do Espelho.

You can rent a car to drive around Trancoso and go to the beach. The beach is located 25 km (unpaved road) from downtown Trancoso. Check car rental companies.