Lake Janauari Ecological Park Lake Janauari Ecological Park

A walk to see Amazon’s hallmark flower and the exotic natural wonders of the region.

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Located in Rio Negro, about a one-hour boat trip away from Manaus, the Lake Janauari Ecological Park spreads through 9,000 hectares of dryland woods, floodplains and flooded forests.

Several travel agencies offer day-long boat rides to the park. Most rides include a visit to Encontro das Águas.

Featuring bilingual local tour guides, packages include a regional lunch at a typical restaurant and a voadeira (a type of canoe) tour through the region’s lakes and streams.

The Park also offers one of the most memorable elements of Manaus: the giant lily pads, an Amazon plant with diameters measuring up to 1.8 meters. Known as the queen of the lakes, this giant green pad blooms over shallow and still waters.

The giant lily pad flower is considered the symbol of the Amazon and lasts only three days. It blooms as a white flower, turns into a lilac shade and becomes dark red before it dies.

Key information and tips

Bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a raincoat and bathing suits.

Opening hours:
During the day.

Prices vary depending on the company.

Duration of the Visit
4 to 5 hours.
+55 (92) 3622-1330 / 3622-4482
More Info
Travel agencies in Manaus
Amazon Tourism


Superintendência Estadual de Navegação, Portos e Hidrovias (SNPH) Rua Governador Vitório, 121 – Centro – Manaus – Amazonas

The Park can only be reached by boat. Contact travel agencies for available rates.

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