Parque Nacional do Itatiaia (Itatiaia National Park) Parque Nacional do Itatiaia (Itatiaia National Park)

Being the oldest reserve in Brazil it is the perfect place to comtemplate Nature and also go for some adventure.

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The Parque Nacional do Itatiaia is a real Natural reserve in the Atlantic forest.

Nestled in the the Mantiqueira Mountains in the town of Itatiaia, the park provides great waters for bathing, trails among plants (bromeliads and orchids) and you can also watch birds (toucans and swallows) and small mammals (nasuas and brachiteles).

Its hilly terrain attracts those who enjoy trekking, biking, climbing and other physical activities.

With around 30,000 hectares, the reserve is divided in two parts: Low and High. In the Low part is where Lago Azul (Blue Lake), Fauna and Flora Regional Museum, Maromba Complex, the Três Picos (Three Peaks) and the Mirante do Último Adeus (Last Goodbye Lookout) are located. In the High part the trails are much harder and is where Pico das Agulhas Negras (Agulhas Negras Peak), Maçiço das Prateleiras, Cachoeira do Aiuruoca (Aiuruoca Waterfall) and Cachoeira das Flores (Flowers Waterfall) and the Pedra Assentada (Assentada Rocks) Pedra do Altar (Altar Rocks) are located.

Take a time to relax and get in touch with Nature, bathe into cristal clear waters and breathe clean air.

Key information and tips

It is a very windy region. Carry a coat.

For tickets only cash is accepted.

In the rainny season (September – April) floods can happen.

Carry a back pack with drinking water and light snacks.

Hire a guide to visit some areas of the Park.

Opening hours:
Low Part: Daily: 8am – 5pm *** Maromba Complex and the Waterfalls: 8am – 4pm High Part: Daily: 7am – 5pm

Tickets: R$30.00 Seniors and Children

Duration of the Visit
4 hours
+55 (24) 3352 - 1292 | +55 (24) 3352-2288 | +55 (24) 3352-6894
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Estrada Parque Nacional, Km 8,5 – Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro

The best way to go to Parque Nacional do Itatiaia is by car. There is a parking lot near the attractions at the Low Part accessible from Rodovia Presidente Dutra (at km 316). The High Part can be accessed from the same Road (at km 330).

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