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Pico do Cristal Pico do Cristal

Those who like adventures amidst nature are rewarded with incredible sceneries and wonderful views from the top of the summit.

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On the border of the States of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo you will find the Caparaó National Park. One of the most visited attractions in the region is the majestic Pico do Cristal, considered to be one of the highest points of Brazil, with approximately 2,770 meters of height. The massif is named after the abundant quartz rock formations, which give an extra touch to the natural beauty.

To reach it, it is necessary to go on a relatively easy and well signaled trail. Along the way, you will find typical vegetation, including beautiful bromeliads and lilies, and three small ponds. On the way up, there are sections with steep, smooth stones, and stretches where it is necessary to use some climbing techniques.

After reaching the summit, you will be able to enjoy an impressive view. From there, you can also see Pico da Bandeira.

Key information and tips

For more information, visit the Visitor Center of the Park.

To stay overnight in the Park prior reservation is needed.

Use insect repellents, sunscreen and light clothes.

Be careful with loose rocks during the hike.

Opening hours:
Every day, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You may stay overnight in the Park.

Brazilians: R$15

Foreigners: R$30

Duration of the Visit
+55 (32) 3747-2943
More Info
Caparaó National Park


Parque Nacional do Caparaó - Dores do Rio Preto, Espírito Santo

To reach Pico do Cristal it is necessary to go on a trail. This map may help you.

The best way to get to the Caparaó National Park, where Pico do Cristal is, is by car. You should enter through the Pedra Menina Entranceway, in Espírito Santo. Refer to the path leaving from Dores do Rio Preto.

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