Arraial do Cabo

Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia

Two beaches ideal for swimming and with a raw beauty that impresses visitors.

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The state of Rio de Janeiro is known for its paradisiac beaches. In Arraial do Cabo, there are two that are worth a visit: Pontal and Atalaia. It actually is one single beach divided into two, separated by rocks. The main feature is the calm green sea, perfect for bathing and diving. The best way to get to Arraial do Cabo is from Rio de Janeiro. Car and buses are good options. The trip by car takes, on average, 2h35, while by bus, it takes three hours.

The sand is white and soft, ideal for walking by the sea. To make things more interesting, another option is arriving there by boat. By car, after you arrive, you have to go down a stairway of more than 200 steps to get to the sand. The road is mostly paved. It is also possible to get there by taxi.

Regiao dos Lagos is stunning. So, if you wish to admire nature, you are going to love the beaches and be amazed by the clear sea water of the diving capital, as Arraial do Cabo is known.

Key information and tips

The sunsets at Pontal do Atalaia is a must-see.

Be careful with sun exposure. Wear sunscreen.

Opening hours:
24h a day, every day


Duration of the Visit
2 hours.
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Beaches of Arraial


Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro State

In Regiao dos Lagos, it is also worth visiting Cabo Frio, Praia do Forte and Buzios, beautiful places filled with magnificent beaches and plenty of fun.

The best way to get to the beaches is to take a boat from Praia dos Anjos and arrange to be picked up. This map can help you get to Praia dos Anjos.

The beaches are 4 km from the center of Arraial, and you can rent a car to go there, but you must park it and go over 200 steps downstairs on foot. This map can help you.

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