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Fernando de Noronha

Porcos Bay Porcos Bay

Baía dos Porcos (Porcos Bay) is the post card of Fernando de Noronha. Its waters are green shade cristal clear, perfect to dive.

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A rare jewel of the amazing Nature, Porcos Bay (Baía dos Porcos) is in the Parque Nacional Marinho of Fernando de Noronha (Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park). Together with Sancho Bay, they compete for the heart of visitors.

A picturesque beach, its extension is only 100 m and full of dark volcanic rocks. During low tide these rocks form natural pools of transparent water, housing many collourful fishes. To enjoy the most of the Bay, take a snorkel with you and watch the sea life while swimimng with sea turtles, stingrays and starfish.

This small site with a priceless amazing natural beauty is located under the shades of a great cliff of 30 m heigh, and the view gets even more enchanting because of the Dois Irmãos Hill

It is not easy to reach the Bay but its worth the effort.

Key information and tips

Take a snorkel with you for freediving and appreciate the sealife.

Wear sunscreen and cap

Avoid diving from December to February due to rough seas

Opening hours:
Daily: 8am – 6pm

Sancho Bay is in the Parque Nacional Marinho of Fernando de Noronha and it is necessary to pay a fee which is valid for 10 days: R$ 178,00 (foreigners) and R$ 89,00 (Brazilians)

More Info
Parque Nacional Marinho official website


Parque Nacional Marinho – Fernando de Noronha

You get to the beach walking on the sand over some rocks for 15 minutes through Cacimba do Padre beach.

The best way to know the sea area of the National Park is by boat. The boat tour can only be offered by authorized companies. For more information : +55 (81) 3619-1220/+55 (81) 3619-1317

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