Praia Ponta do Cururu (Ponta do Cururu Beach) Praia Ponta do Cururu (Ponta do Cururu Beach)

Hidden paradise for so many years, between August and November reveals itself a breathtaking landscape on the Tapajós River banks.

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Close to the Alter do Chão village, in the city of Santarém, Ponta do Cururu Beach emerges in a short period of the year with a long thin strip of sand that move forward up to 2 km, just like a tip, toward the Tapajós River. The place has this name due to a large rock in the beach that reminds the shape of a proceratophrys(common species of frog in South America).

The place is a paradise with white and thick sand surrounded by the beauty of the Amazon rainforest. Therefore the beach is the right destination for those who really wants to experience the nature and it sounds. And if you are lucky, you can see monkeys in the margin trees, low-flying seagulls and porpoises which usually show up on sunset. Breathtaking view!

There is no bar or tourism support in the place. That's the reason Ponta do Cururu Beach is a brief attraction near Alter do Chão. But you can spend the day or even go camping, as long as you bring food and necessary equipment.

Key information and tips

Wear sunscreen and insect repellent.

Do not forget to drag your feet in the water avoiding stepping on stingrays.

Opening hours:
You can see daily the tip of Cururu between August to November, during the dry season. On less rigorous winter, the tip can be uncovered during other months. Please check this information at the hotel in Alter do Chão.

Free admission

Duration of the Visit
At least 30 minutes.
More Info
Alter do Chão Tours


Tapajós River right bank, Santarém, Pará.

If you are in Alter do Chão beach you can go to the Ponta do Cururu on foot. It will take one hour.

At Alter do Chão beach you can book local tours or boat trips that will take you to Ponta do Cururu. Be sure to get a good deal. The trip takes about 25 minutes.

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