Porto Seguro

Recife de Fora Marine Park Recife de Fora Marine Park

If your goal is to dive safely and check beautiful seascapes, Recife de Fora is the right destination.

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Porto Seguro has numerous tourist attractions, and one highlight is the Recife de Fora Marine Park, one of the largest concentrations of marine biodiversity of Brazil. It shelters rare species of corals, fish, turtles and other animals with impressive beauty.

Recife de Fora is a large natural pool stretching over 17 square kilometers in the midst of the sea. Only one part is open to tourists, the remainder is a preservation area. You can practice different types of diving, such as snorkeling and diving, in places with depth of up to 15 meters.

To get there, we must take a schooner ride of about 45 minutes and during this journey you can rent a snorkel to dive. To ensure your safety and make the tour more enjoyable and the dives possible, the schooners leave for the Park during low tide.

Key information and tips

+55 (73) 3012-2782

Opening hours:
During the low tide hours, and during the weeks of full moon and new moon.

Vary according to the travel agency hired.

Duration of the Visit
4 hours
+55 (73) 3012-2782
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Parque Marinho de Recife de Fora
Agências de turismo da cidade


Saída do Píer Municipal, at Av. 22 de Abril - Porto Seguro, BA

To get to the Park, take a schooner at the municipal pier of Porto Seguro, in front of Passarela do Descobrimento (known as Passarela do Álcool). Get information from the travel agencies in town.

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