Rio Triste (floating) Rio Triste (floating)

The crystal clear waters change color during the day. In the morning, they have shades of blue and in the afternoon, of green.

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Rio Triste (Sad River) is located about 60 km from the municipality of Nobres, Mato Grosso. With crystal clear waters and extremely preserved riparian vegetation, the location is excellent for surface diving (floating), amidst the shoals of fish.

The stream with blue waters, and a white bottom, will have you floating for its extension of about 1,200 meters, amidst the multitude of fish. You can see the sting rays too, which makes the attraction even more special. It provides a wonderful experience!

You must be wondering why such a beautiful place has this name. A legend tells that a nice old man used to live near the river. He greeted everyone, always smiling, but he got sick, died, and the river became sad.

The whole tour is done in the presence of a guide.

Key information and tips

Tourist Service Center: + 55 (65) 3376-1809

Wear insect repellent and sunscreen.

Pay attention to the sting rays that live in the river.

Opening hours:
Daily, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Vary according to contractor.

Duration of the Visit
3 hours
City Hall Phone Number: +55 (65) 3376-4200
More Info
Nobres City Hall


Estrada Serra Azul, 90 - Km 90 - Fazenda Água Branca - Distrito Marzagão, Rosário Oeste - Nobres, Mato Grosso

The easiest way to get to know the pond is through travel agencies.

You may rent a car to get to Rio Triste.

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