Santo Antônio Main Church Santo Antônio Main Church

Nearly 500 Kg of gold concentrated in a single work.

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The churches of Minas Gerais are not just places for people to express their religiosity. They are also history and culture centers. That’s the case of Santo Antônio Main Church, in the city of Tiradentes. Built in the 18th century on a high land, it can be seen from almost everywhere in town.

With an imposing structure, the Church is an excellent representation of the importance religion had in the colonial period, especially the Catholic. Gold is the dominating color in the decoration, as 482 Kg of gold were used in the construction of the temple.

Inside the chancel, there are six altars, all with lovely sculptures. The Chapel of the Seven Steps, also within the Main Church, depicts, through the sculptures, Jesus Christ’s seven steps of Via Crucis.

The facade of the Church was designed by Brazilian sculptor Aleijadinho, the most important of Minas Gerais.

Opening hours:
Daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Duration of the Visit
Daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Department of Tourism of Tiradentes: +55 (32) 3355-1212.
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Santo Antônio Main Church


Rua do Chafariz – Tiradentes, MG

Bike is always a good option to use, especially in small towns like Tiradentes.

The Church is located in downtown Tiradentes. A car rental service is offered in the city, for those who wish to have a car available to visit the attractions.

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