Canindé do São Francisco

Vale dos Mestres Vale dos Mestres

Fascinating local with cave paintings of more than 3 thousand years.

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For those who enjoy walks in nature, the city of Canindé do São Francisco, which is about 207 km from Aracaju, is a great option. In it, you can see and enjoy the natural beauty of the Vale dos Mestres, where there are many options of hiking trails, natural landscapes, and archaeological sites. In the midst of Caatinga (exclusively Brazilian biome of semi-arid climate and shallow and stony soil, composed of various rock types) you can observe species of flora from the country, such as mandacarus and bromeliads.

To get there, you have to go through a trail of approximately 2 km from Povoado Curitiba, 25 km from Canindé.

Vale dos Mestres is surrounded by canyons and lies under the riverbed of the Poço river, one of the tributaries of the São Francisco river, popularly known as Velho Chico. There you can enjoy the sandstone walls with cave paintings, which resemble animals and human figures, of more than 3 thousand years.

The visit has to be accompanied by specialized tour guides.

Key information and tips

For being a hot spot, the ideal is to wear light clothes.

Use insect repellent and sunscreen.

Dive only in locations indicated by the tour guide.


They vary according to the company hired.

Duration of the Visit
4 hours.
Department of Tourism: +55 (79) 3346-1920
More Info
Tourism in Sergipe
Canindé City Hall


Povoado Curituba, a 25 km do centro de Canindé do São Francisco, Sergipe

To get to Vale dos Mestres, hire a local tourism company.

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