The unique geography of the Country bears paradisiacal paths, which change according to the characteristics of each region.

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Brasil has continental dimensions, with different regions and an incredible geography. Places of unsurpassed beauty, exuberant nature, adventure ensured to professional walkers. Brazilian countryside and coast reserve breathtaking trails, memorable for those who enjoy trekking, a South-African term which means "follow the path". Around here, there's no shortage of unforgettable trails.

In the State of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina combines the contact with nature and physical activity. In the heart of its national park, Vale do Pati is set between the cities of Andaraí and Muçugê. The most recommended trail for tourists has 80 km, alternating climbs and descents, waterfalls and rivers for five days (approximately). It’s breathtaking!

Monte Roraima is near the borders of Brasil, Guyana and Venezuela. It has already been mentioned a few times as the best place to make "trekking" in the country. The main trail, at the foot of the mountains, requires eight days to be crossed, with stops at River Tek and Lake Gladys. For tourists, it is recommended to visit Monte Roraima between October and April, when the rains grant truce and the temperature is cooler.

In the Midwest, Chapada dos Veadeiros is a Brazilian ecotourism reference, in addition to the natural heritage of the country. 320 km far from the national capital,Brasília, the site offers some options to travelers. The trails of Saltos and the ones of Cânions must be crossed with the help of expert guides. However, Trilha das Sete Quedas is the most challenging one: 23 km crossing villages, rivers, waterfalls, open fields, camping areas etc.

In addition to Chapada Diamantina, Monte Roraima and Chapada dos Veadeiros, you can also visit:

  1. 1. Transmantiqueira Crossing (between São Paulo and Minas Gerais)
  2. 2. Trail from Ratones to Costa da Lagoa (Santa Catarina)
  3. 3. Trail of Praia de Naufragados (Santa Catarina)
  4. 4. Trail in Guaramiranda (Ceará)