For nobody to row against the tide, we separated some tips on the nautical sport that gains more aggregates every day.

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Whether it's on the sea, on the river, for a stroll or in intense training, canoeing is a sport that does good for the soul and for health. In addition to the well-being of rowing, in the vast majority, in contact with nature, you work the muscles of the upper and lower limbs.

With waistcoat, helmet, paddle in hand and a boat, which can be from a modern canoe to a simple kayak, choose the kind of mode that looks more like you.

Rivers and Lakes

In rivers or lakes, one can practice speed canoeing, which is essentially competition; slalom, in rivers with rapids; downwards in favor of the flow of the river; rodeo (freestyle); and rafting, which is the descent of rivers into inflatable boats.


On the other hand, the options are oceanic kayaking, of competition with predefined course; and the wave, which is divided into two classes: surf kayak, the classic canoeing in waves, and the wave ski, which uses a kind of board to make radical maneuvers.


Unusual places can also be great for sports such as swimming. Two groups are formed that compete with the objective of scoring goals, as if it were an aquatic pole, but with kayaks of maximum 3m in length.

Other existing modalities are the marathon, with long distances in calm waters, and the adapted one, when a canoe is suitable for people with disabilities.

Places to paddle

In Brazil, you have several cool places to row. The municipality of Três Coroas, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is the birthplace of slalom in the country, and Parque das Laranjeiras offers several adventure tours for rafting and canoeing.

The famous city of Rio de Janeiro has several places of calm waters that are great for the sport, such as the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the Botafogo and Urca beaches. The destination also houses several clubs where one can practice rowing.

On the coast of the Brazilian Northeast, you will find several beaches from where several kayaking trips take place, such as in Itacaré, Morro de São Paulo and Tibau do Sul.

Choose your destination and modality, and row there!