Excitement and exuberant nature is just some of what you can expect from this so rich and well preserved region.

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Brazil’s North region is a world apart, a delight for those who seek adventure and fun in one of the most beautiful and well preserved landscapes in the world. Composed of seven States (Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins), the fauna and flora is rich and presents more than perfect scenarios for the practice of extreme sports and ecotourism.

Tree-top adventure in Xapuri

Radicalizing on the heights of the Amazon rainforest is a very fun and exciting option. In the Seringal Cachoeira district, 170 km away from the capital of Acre, Chico Mendes Adventure Tour has a path of about 620 meters and various obstacles, which takes about an hour and 30 minutes to be done.

The tour takes around an hour and 30 minutes and reaches up to 25 meters tall. The adventure also includes a 600-meter zip line and other modalities, such as acrobatic tree-top adventure, hiking, cycle tourism, rappelling and rise in trees. Before the adventure, you will receive training, and will always be followed by experienced monitors.

Presidente Figueiredo, land of waterfalls

About 100 km away from Manaus, this city is one of the most sought destinations for adventure and ecotourism in the State. With more than 100 waterfalls of various sizes, grottos and caves, it is the ideal place for the practice of extreme sports like rappelling, zip lining, trails, kayaking and rafting.

In this region, you will find an atmosphere of unique beauty, truly wild, with the intense green of native forests, where the practice of ecotourism is not purely contemplative, but a natural immersion in the heart of the largest forest in the world.

Surfing at pororoca

Macapá is the only Brazilian capital that belongs to the two hemispheres. There you find the mouth of Araguari river, where one of the biggest instances of this phenomenon was registered and is known worldwide, the pororoca (tidal bore). There you can surf on the torrential waves and have an adventure in the Amapá’s dark waters.

There are also much more quiet parts, great to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing. Be sure to visit another river of emotions, the Balsas river, where you can go 9 km on buoys or paddling in a kayak. Take the opportunity to visit Macapá waterfall , with more than 60 meters, where it is possible to practice rappelling, but only experts give a try.

Adventure on Ilha do Mosqueiro (Mosqueiro Island)

Approximately 70 km away from Belém, the island is famous for river beaches with waves, a very interesting place for practicing stand up paddle (SUP), canoeing and other water sports. Rich in marshland forest, ecological trails will guide you through many palm trees, rubber trees and the exuberant mangrove biodiversity.

In addition to SUP, the island has been offering events that bring together modalities like adventure race (or rustic race) and mountain biking, which have been gaining more and more followers. Mosqueiro consists of 10 Islands, with 380 hectares of pure beauty. There are two protection units that keep the natural heritage preserved.

Ecotourism and adventure in the heart of Rondônia

Located in the geographical center of the state, Ji-Paraná has an island that looks like a heart. There you can feel strong emotions by practicing water skiing, paddle, swimming and even sport fishing. The waters of Urupá and Machado rivers will welcome you very well.

There are also trails with closed forest, where you can have an adventure for hours, enjoying a rich fauna and flora environment of unusual beauty. Around the city you will find excellent places for the practice of mountain biking.

Nature in Jalapão

Being 190 km away from the capital of Tocantins, Jalapão is in a transition area between Cerrado and Caatinga vegetation, with rivers of limpid waters, waterfalls with up to 100 meters of width, golden sand dunes, river rapids and rocks with vivid and pulsating colors.

In the region, it is also possible to visit the curious boiling waters, blue and translucent waters wells, where it is impossible to sink.