The spice that will anaesthetize your tongue and other amazing delicacies from the Amazon

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With its diversity and vast natural beauty, the Amazon is considered one of the most important rainforests in the world. And it's not for nothing. Voted one of the Seven new wonders of nature, the Amazon has about 7 million km ² of a vast green universe, with rivers, wildlife and flowers of unique beauty such as orchids and the famous water lilies, a native flower to the Amazon region and full of myths and legends. The Amazon’s charm also presents itself in the giant trees, such as the Sumaumeira, also known as the Queen of the forest, and that reaches 60 meters in hight, with a base circumference of more than 20 meters.

The forest is not only rich in its biodiversity, but also in its herbs, roots, fruits, nuts, oils and fish, flavors that make its cuisine unique and internationally famous. We have prepared for you, fellow traveler, a specially designed list, with the flavors of the forest, for you to experience – and enjoy – when you go to Manaus.


Amazonian fruit used in candies, bonbons, puddings and desserts, has a strong taste and aroma.


Jambu is a plant that slightly anaesthetizes your mouth and tongue, it is used as a spice for fish and regional dishes like tacacá and the tucupi duck.


Also known as the "Amazon cod", the pirarucu is a predatory fish of the Amazon that can reach three meters in length.


Guarana is surrounded by indigenous legends since, when this fruit is up on the trees, it has an appearance resembling an eye. When the fruit is dried and ground it results in a powder that is mixed with soft drinks and vitamins and, often, attributed with energy properties.

Pimenta Murupi

Murupi is one of the most popular peppers in the region and is known for its spicy and different taste. It has antioxidant properties that act in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer, and also premature aging.