Try the coffee that is a national preference and ask for specific side dishes in each region of the country.

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Coffee is usually associated with various feelings: a memory from childhood when we woke up with that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen; at work, signaling that it’s time to take a break, relax and have a little chat with friends; or even serves as a stimulus to face a busy day.

The coffee ritual is part of the Brazilian congeniality. Everywhere you go, in any meeting, chat, soon the talk will be briefly interrupted by a question: "Would you like a cup of coffee?" From then on, the reception will get sweeter and the chat, more pleasurable and lively.

Of course the espressos have become common in Brazil, just like in many other countries. However, one coffee is still made in the old-fashioned way, from the days when the grain was the main export product of the Brazilian economy, in the late XIX century. At barons’ farms, coffee used to be ground on the spot, the powder was placed in a cloth filter on the teapot and, hot water was poured onto it. A ritual repeated several and several times a day, so one could always drink “fresh” coffee.

This ritual of straining the coffee still exists in bakeries and coffee shops of Brazilian cities. This cafezinho... Hmmm, you have to try it. It starts with the smell, which involves and arouses desire before you even taste it. Apart from delicious, it is weaker than the espresso, and therefore, has a softer taste.

In Rio de Janeiro, you need to ask for a cafezinho "carioca", so the barista won’t get confused and end up giving you a traditional espresso. Now, if you're going to taste this delicious and ritualistic Brazilian drink, enjoy the traditional side dishes of each region. In Sao Paulo, for example, order the "média": a cafezinho added with milk and a bread on a griddle. In Belo Horizonte, the cafezinho comes with the famous cheese breads, which no other place in the country can beat. But if you go to Salvador, your coffee will be accompanied by a deliciously stretched tapioca, sweet or savory, yet crispy like a cookie.

There’s nothing like experiencing Brazil through its flavors.