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155 km away from Rio de Janeiro, at the Costa Verde (Green Coast) region, 365 islands and more than 50 beaches make up one of the most famous bays in Brazil: Angra dos Reis's.

The best programs at the Angra bay are the boat or schooner rides, a type of sail boat used to visit the most beautiful beaches, with crystal clear water and white sand.

Islands and attractions

Ilha Grande (Great Island), the biggest island in the region, is one of the most sought out places for diving in Brazil. Shipwrecks, coral reefs and an exuberant marine fauna are part of the itinerary for those looking forward to diving into the blue-green waters. The best options are on the calmer side of the island: Gruta do Acaia (Acaia Grotto), Praia and Ilha dos Meros (Beach and Island of Meros), Laje and Ilha do Guriri (Island of Guriri), Ilha das Palmas (Palms Island), Ilha do Pau a Pino (Pau a Pino Island), Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon), Ilha do Morcego (Bat’s Island), Lagoa Verde (Green Lagoon) and Ilha do Jorge Grego (Greek Jorge Island). Ilha Grande is so beautiful that it has been elected one of the 7 wonders of Rio de Janeiro, in 2007.

The Island also offers places for adrenaline junkies, such as trekking, canoeing and wild paths for people who like to discover the diversity of their beaches. Angra's East end also has the infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, besides historical buildings, such as the Holy Trinity church, the monument to Aquidaba at Jacuecanga's bay, and Leme's Fort.

The Marco da Cidade (City Mark), the Colegio Naval (Navy School), the Ermida do Senhor do Bonfim (Lord of Bonfim Hermitage) and the Igreja de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Our Lady of Remedies Church) are all at the estrada do contorno (contour road).

Take the chance to get to know Paraty's - a nearby city - beautiful beaches, colonial mansions, exuberant fauna and flora. Heading south, there are great resorts to relax and rapids to enjoy diving and adventure tourism. Besides, there are the tourist sites such as the Vila Historica de Mambucada (Historic Village of Mambucada), the ruins of the Engenho Central do Bracui (Bracui Central Mill) and the Complexo Nuclear (Nuclear Complex).


There are many hotels, resorts, inns and houses to rent for the season in Angra. Famous hotel chains also offer complete leisure infrastructure with an ocean view.

The nearest airport to Angra is the Tom Jobim International Airport, in Rio, about 160 km away.

If you are already in Rio de Janeiro, you can always take the bus and go to Angra dos Reis, which is about 155 km away. Rio's Bus Station has bus lines that go to Angra.

Personal or rental vehicles

Leaving from Rio de Janeiro, it takes about 155 km to reach Angra dos Reis. You can rent a car and travel there. See the route from Rio to Angra.

Angra dos Reis has several bus lines that serve the entire city. Check the itineraries.
Personal or rental vehicle
Angra dos Reis is a relatively small city, but having a car available ensures more comfort to get around and check the tourist attractions. You can rent a car to drive around the city.

Going on a boat ride from one beach to another in Angra is quite interesting. Get information at local agencies.

Angra dos Reis can be visited throughout the year. The high season in the city coincides with the raining season, from December to February, but the temperatures are also very high, with a daily average of 31 °C. From June to August the rains decrease and also does the temperature, with an average below 27 °C.

Visit Angra dos Reis

The area code (DDD) of Angra is 24.


Turisangra: +55 (24) 3367-7826