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Aracruz, in the state of Espírito Santo, is a perfect destination for those who want tranquility amidst beautiful landscapes. Located 83 km from the capital Vitória, the city has historical, natural and cultural attractions that reveal the indigenous predominance on the state.

With an infrastructure of hotels and inns to comfortably welcome visitors, Aracruz has typical dishes made from fish and seafood, usually served in clay pots, like moqueca capixaba (typical dish made with fish and other ingredients).

Visiting the indigenous villages is an interesting experience in Aracruz. In addition to getting to know their customs and traditions, it is possible to closely watch the manufacturing of typical indigenous handicrafts.

A permanent exhibition in the courtyard of the Municipal Theatre has two ceramic funerary urns, which are about 800 years old, inside which the Aratu Indians layed their dead before the bodies became stiff and were buried. Found in the Santa Cruz district, the relics are the pride of the city.

Agritourism, an activity that develops the direct contact with nature, divides the attention of visitors with beautiful beaches intersected by headlands and reefs. The municipality houses the Comboios Biological Reserve, an area created to preserve the fauna, flora and sea turtles.

In Aracruz, you may also visit the Municipal Natural Park Aricanga Waldemar Devens, which in addition to preserving nature has ecological hiking trail and areas for the practice of sports like hang gliding and rappelling.

Barra do Sahy Beach, within a fishing village, has calm waters and is suitable for families with children. The rocks and corals are highlights of the place and deep sea fishing is a common practice.

An interesting tour is the one on a schooner to the Ecological Reserves of the Piraquê-Açu and Piraquê-Mirim Mangroves. An ecological paradise at the junction of the Piraquê-Açu and Piraquê-Mirim rivers, the place has brackish waters (with more salts than freshwater, but less than seawater) which are rich in marine and terrestrial species.

Plane/ airport
The nearest airport is the one in Vitória, 83 km from Aracruz.
Road (bus)
There are bus lines that make the route from Vitória to Aracruz.
Personal or Rental Vehicles
You may rent a car to get to Aracruz, in Espírito Santo. This map can help you on the way from Vitória to Aracruz.

There are bus companies that offer services of urban mass transit in Aracruz.
You may get around Aracruz on a taxi.

Aracruz City Hall

Aracruz Department of Tourism

The DDD (area code) for Aracruz is 27.


Department of Tourism: + 55 (27) 3270-7077