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170 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro is Buzios, a famous touristic seaside town surrounded by greenery and clear waters. Its name comes from a kind of shell abundantly found in its sand.

Beaches and night life

In the 1960s, Buzios became a summer refuge for the people of Rio. After the actress Brigitte Bardot made an appearance there, the small village has never been the same, attaining international reputation and turning into a coveted touristic destination. The town even has a boardwalk named after the actress, the Bardot Boardwalk, with wooden decks and stone pavement, at Armaçao Beach.

The town’s center has grown significantly in recent times, but the village’s hot spot is the traditional Rua das Pedras (Stone Street). There are bars for all tastes, art galleries, sophisticated restaurants, elegant stores and even a movie theater named after the famous French actress.

Buzios is known for its energetic night life and fine gastronomy. Night clubs on Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot host parties that last until dawn, especially during summer and holidays. The town’s restaurants provide a mix of flavors, influenced by international cuisines.

Among the main beaches are Geriba Beach (the surfers’ haven), Ferradura Beach (good for snorkeling), Armaçao, Azeda, and Joao Fernandes.

Where to stay and when to visit

The town offers over 200 hotels and b&bs. All this infrastructure is planned in order to harmoniously fit the town’s laid-back beaches. The high tourist season is from December until the end of Carnival. Buzios has a tropical climate, with hot and humid summers, and temperatures can go up to 33ºC. The coldest month is usually September, when the average temperature stays around 19ºC. The hottest month, on the other hand, is February.

The closest international airport is in Rio de Janeiro, which has 23 incoming international flights.

You can take a bus from Rio de Janeiro to Buzios. Check the bus station’s website to learn more.
Personal or rental vehicles

You can rent a car in Rio and drive to Buzios. Check the route.

Personal or rental vehicle
You can rent a car to drive around Buzios. This map can help you move around downtown.

You can rent a bike to move through Buzios. This map can help you move around downtown.

On foot

Buzios is a small town and, depending on where you’re staying, it is possible to walk to different places. This map can help you move around downtown.

Rio de Janeiro State Tourism Secretariat

Buzios’ area code is 22.


Tourist Information Center: +55 (22) 2623-2099