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Blumenau, Santa Catarina, was colonized by the German doctor, pharmacist and philosopher Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau, in 1850, who brought with him 17 other settlers. Some time later, immigrants from Poland and Italy landed. This cultural root gives the city the tone of its customs and traditions, as well as its architecture.

The city, 150 km from Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, stands out economically as a big textile and technological hub. Famous for the production of knitwear, porcelain and crystals, Blumenau is also known for its Oktoberfest, the biggest German culture festival in the country. Over 19 days, you can experience the cultural riches inherited from the ancient Germans, including cuisine, music and dances, in addition to a lot of beer! The event attracts more than 600 thousand visitors each year.

The festival is held at the Parque Vila Germânica, which offers European-inspired architecture, various restaurants, regional products and handicraft shops.

Traditional villages surround the city, their original habits are maintained and you can try homemade treats, such as cucas (a cake typical of the German cuisine), liqueurs, various sausages and preserves and the traditional marreco recheado (Drake stuffed with bacon, sausage meat and garlic).

Vila Itoupava, which is 25 km from the downtown area, is home to the customs originating from colonization within its hills and valleys, beautiful gardens and timber framed architecture. Another exponent of this architecture style is the XV de Novembro Street, an inspiring environment for relaxing walks.

The Museu da Cerveja (the Beer Museum) is a special attraction. There you can learn more about the beverage and plan your tour, which can include different breweries throughout the region. Once in the museum, watch the video about the art of brewing beer and prepare your Steiner!

Be sure to take a see the Relógio das Flores (the Flower Clock). There are only five in Brazil and one of them is in Blumenau. The clock was installed in 2000, in celebration of 150 years of the city.

Road (Bus)
Leaving from Florianopolis, you can arrive in Blumenau by bus (approximately 150 km).

Personal or rental vehicles
If you go by car, leaving from Florianópolis, follow the BR-101 highway.

Traveling by bus in Blumenau is quite simple, and the bus stations and lines are very well organized.

You can use taxi services for your convenience. Calculate the fare.

On foot
To walk the streets of the city is a very relaxing and interesting experience. This map may help.

Tourist Service Centers - sectur
Blumenau City Hall

Tourism in Blumenau

The area code (DDD) for Blumenau is 47.


Tourist Service Center: Parque Vila Germânica +55 47 3381-7726
Police - 190
Fire Department - 193
Emergency (Samu) - 192