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The Brazilian ecotourism capital

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Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of the main ecotourism and adventure tourism destinations in Brazil. The place is worth its name. It is a true heaven, with clear-water rivers and colorful fishes contrasting against the deep greens of the native vegetation. Located in the Bodoquena Hill, the city is 300 km away from the state capital, Campo Grande, and has good access roads.

When to go

You can visit the city at any time of the year, but it is best to go between December and March, the summer and rainy season. During this period, the flora and fauna thrive, the river levels go up and the waterfalls are stronger and more abundant.

Where to stay

Accommodation prices in Bonito tend to oscillate a lot due to its popularity. However, the city offers many hotels, hostels and B&Bs with all price ranges, easy to afford if you plan in advance.

Also worth visiting

In Bonito, attractions such as the Blue Lake and the Mimoso Caves, the Natural Aquarium and the Sucuri River are notorious for their beauty and will provide you with tranquility and contact with nature. Rafting, floatation in small natural lakes, treetop walking, waterfalls, caves, tracking and diving are some of the many options of entertainment.

The Abismo Anhumas, a cave located 23 km away, is yet another attraction. For certified divers, the abyss reserves the right of going 18 meters deeper. Underwater diving reveals new images, and all the vastness of one of the most amazing caves of the planet.

The local fauna is rich and expressive, composed of many bird species such as harpies, king vultures, macaws, toucans, mutuns, and other animals like anteaters, armadillos, pumas, maned wolves, stags, foxes and a number of invertebrate animals. Fishes are, obviously, a significant part of the local cuisine. The pacu, the spotted sorubim and the dourado are the most popular, served in a stew, fried or grilled, with a side of banana farofa.

Take the chance to visit other places
Only 8 km away from Bonito is the Rio Formoso Ecological Park, with an astonishingly beautiful scenario and exuberant flora. A second option is the Mysterious Lagoon, 52 km away from Bonito, a charming destination of blue waters that houses the seventh deepest Brazilian cave.

You can also take this opportunity to visit the Pantanal, one of the largest biodiversity reserves in the world, only 160 km away from Bonito.

Plane/ airport
You can catch a flight to the Airport of the state capital Campo Grande, which hosts flights from Santa Cruz de la Sierra. You can also get to Bonito by plane, hiring an air taxi.
Road (bus)
Driving out of Campo Grande, you can take highways BR-262 or BR-060 to get to Bonito.

Personal or Rental Vehicles

In Campo Grande you can catch a bus to Bonito, 300 km away from the capital.

Personal or Rental Vehicles

You can rent a car in Bonito and drive around town.

You can hire a transfer service or van to drive you to the attractions in Bonito.

Bonito City Hall

Bonito Department of Tourism

The area code for Bonito is 67.

Standard voltage: 220V

It is advisable to make reservations beforehand, especially during high season – July, December, January and February – and on prolonged weekends.

It is not mandatory to vaccinate against any kind of disease to enter Brazil. However, we advise you to get vaccines against yellow fever (a disease transmitted by a contaminated mosquito bite) before visiting Bonito. If you have never received this vaccine, you should take it 10 days before your trip (you can disregard this time span if you have been vaccinated before).

Emergency (Samu): 192
Bonito Department of Tourism: +55 (67) 3255-2160
Bonito City Hall: +55 (67) 3255-1351