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Cáceres is a city in the State of Mato Grosso known for being the starting point for trips to the Pantanal, the most extensive floodable plain that is home to wild animals and amazing flora. There, it is possible to enjoy many freshwater beaches, trails, waterfalls and fishing. In Cáceres, one of the greatest freshwater fishing events on the planet takes place, in which more than 100,000 Brazilians and foreigners compete.

In the city, you can take a cultural walk around the historical center and get to know the Museu Histórico de Cáceres (Cárceres History Museum), which has a collection of the local history and an has an archaeology room.

The Pantanal style of living is also one of the attractions of Cáceres. At the many farms in the countryside, you can ride horses, eat the famous Pantanal barbecue and drink tereré (a herbal iced tea usually served in a recipient made of ox horn).

Another tourist attraction is the 183m deep Dolina Água Milagrosa (Miraculous Water Lake), surrounded by walls of rocks. There, you can swim, practice diving and explore the caves of the area.

In the wet season (from October to April, from the Porto Fluvial de Cáceres (Cáceres River Port), many watercourses enter to the Pantanal. Sailing by the Paraguai River on the hotel-boats, you can spend several days observing fish, birds, alligators, capybaras and jaguars, besides water plants and the river banks` vegetation. From December on, when fishing is allowed, the rivers are taken over by sport fishermen. In the dry season, the Pantanal roads reemerge, allowing for spectacular safaris.

In the dry season, you can also visit the Parque Nacional do Pantanal Matogrossense (Pantanal Matogrossense National Park) in Poconé (182 km away from Cáceres). Recognized by Unesco as a Humanity Heritage and World Biosphere Reserve, the place is home to numerous wild animals. Still in Poconé, visit the Mineração Beripoconé theme park, a large reclaimed area transformed into a Pantanal tourist Park with sport and leisure spaces.

Plane/ airport
The nearest airport to Cáceres is Cuiabá, which is located about 234 km away and receives national flights and international flight connections.
Road (bus)
From Cuiabá, you can take a bus to Cáceres, which is about 234 km from the state capital.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
You can rent a car to go to Cárceres.

Boat/ ferry
One of the easiest ways to get to know Cáceres is through the local tourism agencies, mainly because some attractions can only be enjoyed in the presence of an authorized guide.
The tours by the Paraguay River leave the Cáceres River Port, in the city center. Short trips can be purchased on the day, but excursion trips to the Pantanal that take over a day must be bought directly from the hotel-boat companies.

Discover Mato Grosso

Cáceres City Hall

The area code (DDD) for Cuiabá is 65.


Emergency (Samu): 192
Police: 190
Cáceres Regional Hospital: + 55 (65) 3221-0200
Municipal Department of Environment and Tourism: + 55 (65) 3222-3455

Best time for fishing: from December to April (wet season and fishing permission).
Best time for boat tours in the Pantanal: from October to April (wet season).
Best time for hiking and wildlife observation: from May to September (dry season).

Use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and also use insect repellent against mosquitoes.
To enter Brazil, vaccination against any type of illness is not mandatory. However, vaccination against yellow fever (a disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes) is recommended before your trip. If you have never taken the vaccine, you need to take it up to 10 days before the trip (this time period is not necessary if you have already been vaccinated)

The seeing of wild animals is a practice that requires extreme caution. Try to take tours with expert guides and remember that it is NOT a Zoo, but a wild habitat.For walks in the woodland, we recommend using specific walking shoes and rubber boots, specifically boots that cover the calf, which help protecting against insect bites.The seeing of wild animals is a practice that requires extreme caution. Try to take tours with expert guides and remember that it is NOT a Zoo, but a wild habitat.