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Campina Grande is in Paraíba, between mountains and valleys abundant in biodiversity, with attractions that include folk tradition, history and natural wealth. In Campina Grande, you have the opportunity to participate in one of the largest festivals in the Northeast, the São João of Campina Grande (June Festival), which lasts a month and has a lot of forró (a type of Brazilian folk music), handicrafts, and one of the strengths of the region, the typical cuisine. The event takes place in June and receives more than 2 million visitors annually.

São João's activities occur at the Parque do Povo, a 42.000 square meter structure which houses more than 300 tents with food and handicrafts, as well as attractions such as quadrilhas (A relative of American square dancing).

The Expresso do Forró (Forró train) leaves the old station of Campina Grande on a trip with a lot of joy, fun and forró music, and goes up to the Galante district, where you are welcomed with more forró music and you can then take donkey or wagon rides on horse and cart to complete the fun.

Campina Grande is known as the land of carne de sol (salted and cured meat), preserved by a very old methods in which the meat (usually bovine or ovine) is salted and dried, and then placed in a dry and well ventilated place. Unlike what the name suggests, the process is finished in the shadow.

Among other delicacies, you can taste the buchada de bode, an exotic dish made with the entrails of the goat (kidneys, liver and intestines), which after the process of boiling and washing are seasoned and cooked in pouches made from the animal’s stomach.

In the city there are museums, theaters, fairs, parks, dams and many options of activities in nature. At the Museu de Arte Popular da Paraíba (Museum of Popular Art of Paraíba), you can get to know the music of Paraiba, the cordel (popular literature exposed in strings) and the pottery art of the Northeast. In the Engenho Triunfo you can observe the production of cachaça (a sugar cane based alcoholic drink).

About 40 km away from the city you will find the Sítio Arqueológico da Pedra do Ingá (Archaeological Site of the Ingá Stone), which holds a 24 meter long by 4 meter high stone (one of the itacoatiaras: “painted stones”, in the tupi language), covered with rupestrian paintings made by local indigenous groups hundreds of years ago.

Plane/ airport
There are regular direct flights to Campina Grande airport coming from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife. From João Pessoa Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport, there are connecting national and international flights.
Road (bus)
You can use buses that leave from all of the capitals of the Northeast of Brazil and also from other regions of the country.
Personal or Rental Vehicles
From João Pessoa city, take the BR-230 highway (the trip takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes). Leaving Recife city, take the sameBR-230 highway (the trip lasts about 3 hours and 30 minutes). Leaving Natal city, go by BR-101 and BR-230 highways (the trip takes around 3 hours and 40 minutes).


The bus lines of Campina Grande serve the main tourist spots of the city.
Personal or Rental Vehicles

You can rent a car to take a tour around Campina Grande.

The most comfortable way of getting around town is by taxi. Refer to the companies which provide this type of service.

Campo Grande City Hall

The area code (DDD) for Campina Grande is 83.


Campina Grande Coordination of Tourism: + 55 (83) 3310-6100
Police: 190
Fire Department: 193
Emergency (Samu) 192

Due to the heat, use light clothing and shoes suitable for long walks.