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Canindé do São Francisco

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Canindé do São Francisco is in the semi-arid region of Sergipe, in one of the most exuberant regions of Brazil: Vale do São Francisco. Bathed by the São Francisco river - or Velho Chico as it is known locally - the city is known primarily for the landscape formed by the canyons that border the river.

There you can take a tour by speedboat, schooner or catamaran by Cânion do Xingó, a navigable canyon that is 65 km long. The view is to die for: the immense cliffs achieve a heights of hundreds of meters. Along the tour, you are invited to visit the Gruta do Talhado (whose cliffs seem to have been carved by hand) and to dive into the delicious water of Velho Chico. The tour offers the chance to view and contemplate numerous species of reptiles, birds and insects native to the semi-arid Northeast region.

The rocks of the location preserve a history of more than 9 thousand years of the inhabitants that once upon a time lived there. In the Vale dos Mestres, you can observe sandstone walls with rock paintings. Before the construction of the Xingó Dam, more than 30 thousand pieces were excavated, such as skeletons, pottery and campfire remains, on exposition today at the Xingó Archeology Museum, which also is worth the visit.

The Gruta do Angico is 25 km away from Canindé, the place where the couple Lampião and Maria Bonita died, as well as nine other cangaceiros (peasants from the Northeastern sertão who ran around the cities armed, searching for justice for their poor living conditions). The greatest icon of the cangaço movement, Lampião is depicted in the history books sometimes as the hero, sometimes as the villain.

The contact with the way of life of the Northeastern people, the wild and idyllic beauty of the canyons, the historical importance of the place and of the waters of the Velho Chico in Canindé do São Francisco guarantee a trip throughout a countryside surprisingly different and incredibly wonderful, away from the traditional tourist routes.

The nearest airport to Canindé do São Francisco is in Aracaju, which is about 207 km away and receives national flights and international flight connections.
The nearest international airport to Aracaju is in Salvador, which receives flights from Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Madrid, Miami, and Lisbon as well as flights from many Brazilian cities.
Road (Bus)
Leaving from the Aracaju Bus Station, you can take a bus to Canindé do São Francisco, which is about 207 km away from the capital of Sergipe.

The transfer to Canindé do São Francisco and the transport between the local attractions can be contracted at the tourism agencies of Aracaju.

Personal or rental vehicles
The attractions in Canindé are a little far from the city, therefore, one option is to rent a car in Aracaju.

The tours along the river and through the canyons are made by speedboat, schooner or catamaran and can be scheduled at the hotel, with local tourism agencies or in the Karrancas tourist complex (from where the vessels sail).

Arriving at the Canindé do São Francisco Bus Station, you can take a taxi to the attractions.

Visit Sergipe
Canindé City Hall
Sergipe Tourism

The area code (DDD) for Canindé do São Francisco is 79.


Police: 190
City Hall: +55 79 3346 9500
Department of Tourism: +55 79 3346 1920
Outpatient clinic: +55 79 3346 9525

Due to the hot temperatures, the ideal choice is to use light clothing.

Use sunscreen and repellent against mosquitoes.