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Fernando de Noronha

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Comprised of 21 islands and islets, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is a paradise of indescribable beauty, and was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco. For the islands to continue to preserve their nature, the number of visitors is limited and you have to pay an environmental preservation fee to enter the island.

The combination of crystal clear waters, golden sands, and marine life fascinate people from all over the world. Its beaches are divided between the inside sea (waters toward the Brazilian mainland) and the outside sea (waters toward the Atlantic Ocean). It is very common to see these waters in the lists of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil and the world, such as the beaches Praia dos Porcos, Praia dos Leões, and Baía do Sancho, twice elected the best beach of the planet by the Traveller’s Choice Awards of TripAdvisor.

Noronha is also one of the best places for diving. Its clear and warm waters provide excellent visibility, being possible to observe its splendid marine life of corals, dolphins, turtles, and sharks. It is possible to practice scuba diving, guided by certified local instructors.Another sport practiced on the island is surfing. Between December and February, Fernando de Noronha welcomes surfers from everywhere ready to put their boards offshore and face huge tubes, swells, and waves reaching up to 5 meters. The best beaches for practicing surfing are: Cacimba do Padre, Boldró, and Conceição.

There is a diversity of activities on the island for all types of people and ages, such as options of ecological trails, boat tours for observing dolphins, visits to Parque Nacional Marinho and Museu do Tubarão, in addition to the Tamar project, which aims to preserve endangered sea turtles.

Another indispensable tour in Fernando de Noronha is to enjoy the sunset. The island has numerous places where you can enjoy its famous sunset, such as the Forte do Boldró, Dois Irmãos viewing point, and also the beaches Praia da Conceição and Praia do Porto.

Plane/ airport
Airports with international flights nearest the island are Guararapes International Airport, in Recife, and Augusto Severo International Airport, in Natal. From these two cities you can flight to Fernando de Noronha Airport.
Boat/ ferry
You can arrive in Fernando de Noronha by cruise ship.
If you choose sailboats or personal boats, it is necessary to carry documentation, authorization, and to pay an anchoring fee.

An economical option for traveling on the island is to use public transport, which runs daily from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. The buses run every 30 minutes and the fare is fixed, regardless of the distance traveled.
Personal or Rental Vehicles

To get around more easily and more comfortably on Fernando de Noronha, the best option is renting a car or buggy. There are several rental options on the island.
Those who enjoy an adventure may choose to rent bikes, traditional or electric, and enjoy Fernando de Noronha in a healthy and sustainable way. You can rent bikes at Tourist Information Points.

Official website of the archipelago

The area code (DDD) for Fernando de Noronha is 81.
You can use the Projeto Noronha Digital, which offers free wi-fi at the following locations: São Miguel Palace, Flamboyant Square, Vila do Trinta Square (City’s Academy), Santo Antônio Harbour, Airport, Vila da Basinha – Forte dos Remédios, Vila do DPV (Air Force).


Noronha Island Administration: +55 (81) 3619-9600
Police station: +55 (81) 3619-0843

Tourists must bring change, because not all places accept credit cards and there are not many places to withdraw money. The only agency in the island is of Banco Santander, which is connected to the Rede 24 Horas. There are three ATMs of Bradesco (airport, headquarters of Projeto Tamar, and Noronha bakery), two of Caixa Econômica (lottery retailer and Noronhão Supermarket), and one of Banco do Brasil (Post Office).

To enter Fernando de Noronha you must pay an Environmental Preservation fee, charged for the maintenance of the island. The fee can be paid online.
To access most of the beaches, especially the better known ones, you must pay the Marine National Park fee.

Always wear sunscreen and a hat, and keep yourself hydrated.

Snorkels, fins, and vests (when requiring a mandatory use in diving area) can be rented. Refer to the possibility for renting them at the entrances to beaches or at the hotel/inn.