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According to historians, the city of Itacaré, in Bahia, was inhabited since the middle of the 16th century by Tupi Indian tribes. It was only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that the town experienced a time of rapid growth, when the cocoa plantations brought economic resources.

Itacaré is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region of the Cocoa Coast, in the South of Bahia. In 1993, the Government of Bahia created an Environmental Protection Area (APA) in town and ecotourism started to be strongly encouraged in the region.

Protected by a belt of Atlantic forest, the town is home to beaches with white sand and surrounded by coconut groves. Rivers, waterfalls, virgin forests, trails, sandbanks and mangroves complete the stunning natural setting.

Itacaré offers natural conditions for the practice of several sports, such as hiking and mountain biking through the Atlantic forest, rafting on the Rio de Contas, rappelling at Praia da Ribeira and in Taboquinhas (30 km from town), stand up paddle (SUP) and surf along the coastline, as well as off-road, tree climbing and much more.

Old mansions and houses mark the local architecture, which presents the results of nearly a century of prosperity as a result of cocoa production. The city offers complete infrastructure, from rustic inns to luxury resorts.

Many bars and restaurants make the night of Itacaré one of the liveliest in the region. The Pedro Longo street concentrates most of the bars and restaurants where you can taste typical delicacies of the region and the famous pizza by the meter.

Among its main points of interest are the Praia da Concha, visited due to its proximity to the city center and to the excellent tourist infrastructure, the Tijuípe Falls, which surprises visitors with its 15 m in width and only 4 m in hight, the Itacarezinho Beach, almost deserted and highly sought after by divers, and the Prainha, a place for surfers and a landmark of the city.

Ilhéus is the nearest airport, located about 70 km from Itacaré. It receives flights from Brasilia, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.
Salvador International Airport receives direct international flights from Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Miami and Lisbon.
Personal or rental vehicles:

Departing from Salvador, you can rent a car and take a ferry leaving São Joaquim Terminal and docking at Bom Despacho, then follow through BA 001 until Itacaré. See the route.
Leaving Ihéus, access is through the coastline in BA 001. See the route.

Personal or rental vehicle
The best way to get around in Itacaré is by car. Rent a car.


You can go by taxi or take a transfer to Itacarezinho Beach. Check the providers of this service in the city.

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Itacaré City Hall

Itacaré Map

Travel agencies in Itacaré

Cocoa coast

The area code (DDD) of Itacaré is 73.


Institute of tourism: +55 (73) 3251-3416 e +55 (73) 9981-9902