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Mata de São João

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60 km from Salvador, at Costa dos Coqueiros, Northern coast of Bahia, Mata de Sao Joao gathers the districts Forte Beach, Imbassai, Diogo and Sauipe. The area is perfect for ecotourism and for sports like golf and diving.

Luxury and natural beauties
Forte Beach offers a luxurious and a bucolic atmosphere, and it’s one of the most popular destinations in the Brazilian summer. The charming village has good restaurants and lovely B&Bs. Its coast holds natural pools of warm and clear waters, perfect for free diving. It’s also a great idea to visit the dunes and coconut groves.

Go on a guided tour at the head office of Projeto Tamar, a project responsible for research, protection and management of five sea turtle species, and see the tanks where they keep sea turtles, sharks and rays. Between July and October, ask about the boat rides to observe sea animals.

The most important building at the Beach, the Garcia D'Avila Castle, is the first Portuguese construction in Brazil and it’s open for visitation. See also the Baleia Jubarte Institute, which monitors and preserves humpback whales in Brazilian waters. Take the opportunity to explore the trails of the Sapiranga Ecological Reserve and bathe in the waters of Pojuca River.


In Imbassai, the best thing is to enjoy the spot at the beach where the river meets the sea. The access is allowed only to boats and pedestrians, which makes the place even more exclusive. There are little kiosks which offer quick solutions if you get hungry or thirsty.

Santo Antônio Beach

Santo Antonio Beach is a piece of paradise hidden amongst white sand dunes and gigantic coconut groves framed by the Imbassai River. There is a fishermen village where the families live off fishing and handicraft made with piaçava straw, a native plant of the region that is flexible and waterproof. The food at the restaurants there, made with fresh ingredients from the sea, is known for being delicious.

Costa do Sauipe

In Sauipe, you can choose to stay in one of the luxurious hotels, all-inclusive resorts, or in one of the inns and B&Bs. The golf course, like the others in the Bahia coastline, such as Trancoso, meets the standard of high-technical-level golfers. The golfing season at Costa do Sauipe is from November to March.

Bahia coastline and the Northeast

Beautiful beaches, sunny weather and stunning landscapes are plentiful in Bahia’s coastline and in the Northeastern region. In Bahia, also visit Segunda Praia, in Morro de Sao Paulo. In the south of the state, visit Ilheus.

Salvador Airport is the closest one to Mata de Sao Joao, 60 km away. It receives direct international flights from Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Miami and Lisbon. At the airport, you can rent a car and drive to Mata de Sao Joao.

Address: Praça Gago Coutinho, s/n – Salvador – Bahia
+55 (71) 3204-1010

Salvador Bus Terminal offers bus lines to Mata de Sao Joao. Check the bus schedules.
Av. Antônio Carlos Magalhães, 4.362 – Pituba
+55 (71) 3616-8357 / 3616-8358

Personal or rental vehicles

If you’re already in Salvador, you can rent a car and drive to Mata de Sao Joao, 60 km from the state’s capital. Check out the route.

Personal or rental vehicle

The best way to move around the beaches in Mata de Sao Joao is by car. If you take a bus to the town, you can rent a car there.

Moving around by taxi is also a good option, since the beaches are near one another.

Tourist guide of Mata de São João.
Mata de São João City Hall.

Voltage: 220 V

Town Hall: +55 (71) 3635-1310