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Ecotourism Haven in Mato Grosso

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Nobres, "nobles" in English, means magnanimous, sublime, and the name fits perfectly. The natural beauties the region holds are truly breathtaking. Nobres is a spectacle of nature hidden in the central region of Brazil. A place for adventurers to be astonished by such a tremendous beauty.

Just 150 km from Cuiaba, capital city of Mato Grosso state, the town is small, but ecotourism outside the urban zone is magnificent.

Natural beauties

In Nobres, you can freshen up in natural aquariums of blue water and colorful fish; swim in crystal-clear pools in rivers, grottos and caves; rejoice in waterfalls; hike or ride horses through the woods; admire beautiful species of plants and animals; go zip-lining; explore rapids and dive; and be amazed by the rupestrian paintings at archeological sites.

One of the must-see places is Recanto Ecologico da Lagoa Azul, where you can swim and snorkel at Aquario Encantado, a place of blue water, white sand and an impressive amount of fish, all hidden in the woods. Other amazing places to float are the Triste and Salobra rivers, with clear waters filled with fish and small rays. To dive, you can go to places such as Lagoa do Pai Joao, Poço Dois de Maio and Caverna do Currupira.

When it comes to waterfalls, don’t miss the beautiful Serra Azul. You can also go to Tombador waterfall, going through old trails used to transport cattle to the Amazon and Bolivia in the old times, and to Bananal waterfall, crossing 6 km of dirt ground. But if you’re looking for adventure, go through Duto do Quebo, a stream that flows through a grotto full of bats.

At the end of the day, Lagoa das Araras invites you to watch maritacas, parrots and macaws that return to their nests at sunset, making a beautiful and colorful scene.


The small town offers cheap hostels and B&Bs and hotels for those looking for more comfort.

Itinerary full of beauty

Those looking for even more adventure, nature and beautiful landscapes can take the opportunity to visit Chapada dos Guimaraes, 174 km from Nobres, and Pantanal.

Plane/ airport
The closest airport to Nobres is Cuiaba, which is about 234 km away and receives national flights and international flight connections.

Road (bus)

From Cuiaba, you can take a bus to Nobres, around 125 km from the capital.
One of the easiest ways to visit Nobres is through tourism agencies hired while you’re still in Cuiaba, wich will take care of transportation.

Bus/ Van
Attention!!! Almost all of the attractions in Nobres can only be visited with authorized tourism agencies. Even if you have a car, we advise you to leave your car at the agency and go on the transportation provided by the guide, since the roads have no signs.

Nobres City Hall

Discover Mato Grosso

The area code in Nobres is 65.

110V and 220 V

Municipal Hospital: +55 (65) 3376-2812
Tourist Information Center: +55 (65) 3376-1809
Tourism Secretariat: +55 (65) 3376-2009
Nobres Town Hall: +55 (65) 3376-4200

The closest currency exchange agencies are in Cuiaba.

The weather is tropical and humid.
From December to March is the flood season, the more favorable time to watch the fauna and flora.
During the other months, the dry season, the upside is that there are fewer mosquitoes.

Take sunscreen and repellent with you, but make sure to put them on after bathing so you won’t contaminate the water.
In order to enter Brazil, it is not mandatory to be vaccinated against any disease. However, it is recommended to vaccinate against yellow fever (transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito) before visiting. In case you haven’t been vaccinated, it is necessary to do so at least 10 days prior to your travel (this is not required if you have been vaccinated against this disease before).

Be careful when diving into rivers, for there can be rays at the bottom.
When walking in the woods, it’s recommended to wear hiking shoes and rubber boots, especially those with high tops, which add extra protection against occasional insect bites.