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Nova Olinda is a municipality of Ceará in the Northeast region of Brazil, and its origins date back to the last decades of the 19th century. The region is located in Chapada do Araripe, which separates Ceará from Pernambuco, and used to be inhabited by indigenous peoples, the Kariris. The Indians believed that the two large stones in the shape of owls, at Sítio Olho D’Água, were enchanted owls which is why they worshipped them. In Olho D’Água Cave, you may see prehistoric cave inscriptions and go on an ecological hiking trail.

Situated approximately 397 km from Fortaleza, Nova Olinda is located in the area with the greatest concentration of fossils from the Cretaceous period (between 145 and 66 million years ago) in the world, the Caverna Pintada Archeological Site being one of the main fossils area in the region.

The municipality is located in the Araripe Geopark, which has an approximate area of 3,441 km². Based on the work of NGOs that operate in the region, solidarity and community-based tourism has grown in the municipality.

One of the traditional celebrations of the city is the Pau-da-Bandeira feast, held during the celebration of the St. Sebastian patron, from 11 to 20 January. A huge tree trunk is carried by a multitude of men. When the procession approaches, single women try to touch the trunk, under the belief that if they are able to do it, they will soon marry. Mysticism is represented by Ponte de Pedra (Stone Bridge) and Cama da Mãe D’Água. Legend has it that the bridge was part of the world of the enchanted, but turned to stone when a meteor struck the Earth.

Espedito Seleiro’s atelier brought to Nova Olinda the attention of the the world. His colorful leather sandals are successful and became a fashion trend in the runways and in furniture designing. The city is also the headquarters of Fundação Casa Grande – Memorial do Homem Kariri, a mixture of museum and cultural center frequented by children and young people of the city. They produce videos, newspapers and comic books.

Plane/ airport
The Cariri Regional Airport in Juazeiro do Norte (43 km from the municipality) is the nearest airport and receives national and regional flights.
Road (bus)
The BR-116 highway gives access to the cities, through secondary highways. To arrive by bus, you may buy tickets online.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
For moving around the municipality more easily, it is recommended to rent a car.
On foot
Nova Olinda is a small region and, depending on where you are, you can walk to the tourist attractions.

Nova Olinda City Hall

Touristic attractions of Nova Olinda

The DDD (area code) for Nova Olinda is 88.


Police: 190