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São Miguel dos Milagres

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São Miguel dos Milagres, 100 km from Maceió, is located on Costa dos Corais (between Maceió and Recife) and is made up of villages surrounding beaches that are rarely visited, preserving the quiet even when receiving many visitors. It is one of the oldest cities in the State of Alagoas, and emerged during the Dutch invasion in the 17th century.

The municipality is a perfect destination for those who wish to escape the urban hubbub and enjoy days of calmness in chic inns, amid a backdrop of almost untouched nature. In São Miguel dos Milagres, you can stay in beaches that are almost wild. These places mix rusticity and sophistication in restaurants and inns, forming special hideaways.

The communities in the region are picturesque and the economic activities are primarily fishing and crafts. This simplicity is what has drawn the attention of tourists from all corners of the world, in addition, of course, of tourists from Brazil. In the region, sururu de capote (mollusks taken from ponds and cooked with their shells in coconut sauce or water and salt) is one of the examples of the rich local cuisine.

The coastline of São Miguel dos Milagres is shaped like a bay and has a coconut palm grove surrounding the stretch of sand. One of the villages is Barra do Camaragibe, distant from most inns of the town, which has the same name as the lighthouse illustrating its landscape.

Surrounded by beautiful palm trees and with crystal-clear waters that are excellent for diving and bathing, Praia do Toque is perfect for walking or biking through the sand. Praia do Patacho, which is almost deserted, also favors diving with a snorkel in its natural pools formed at low tide (see the tide board to choose the best time). You may also visit Tatuamunha Beach, where you can observe the manatees that circulate throughout the region.

The beaches of the city are known for the raft trips to the natural pools: when the tide is low, the pools are formed 1 km from the coast. The trip takes 15 minutes in a motorized raft.

Plane/ airport
Arriving by plane is easier through the Recife International Airport, due to the regular international connecting flights from Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Porto and Paris. The Maceió Airport is also an option.
Personal or Rental Vehicles
The AL-101 highway provides access to São Miguel dos Milagres. The best option is to rent a car in Maceió, 100 km from the town.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
You may rent a car to visit the nearby beaches.
Some inns provide bikes for guests.
You may contact local tourism companies to go on tours throughout the region.

São Miguel dos Milagres City Hall

Beaches and services

The DDD (area code) for São Miguel dos Milagres is 82.


Emergency (Samu): 192

Bring cash because at some points there is no ATM and card machines may get no signal.

You should opt for light clothes and comfortable shoes, a hat or cap, and also lots of sunscreen.
At the end of April it starts to rain a little and June is the wettest month (it rains from May to August).