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Teresina, capital of the state of Piauí, is served by the Poti and Parnaíba rivers, which intersect in the northern region of the city. There, where the rivers meet, you will find the Parque Encontro dos Rios, an ecological reserve with walking trails, viewing spots, restaurants, a place for cultural exhibitions, and also a place for fishing and practicing water sports.

The reserve is just one of the green areas of the city that preserves the woodland in the middle of the urban area. A good program is running through Teresina ecological parks, being totally connected with nature.

Another itinerary that you can do is religious, which visits churches built at the time of the foundation of the city, such as Igreja do Amparo, Igreja das Dores, Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Church, and São Benedito Church, whose doors are national patrimonies by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan). In December, in this church, you can see the beautiful presentations of children’s choirs.

If you enjoy art, the Museu do Piauí is a good option. The collection comprises works of art and displays of porcelain and crockery of the East India Company. But if you want to enjoy the local art, be sure to visit the Ceramic Pole of Teresina. Opened in 2006 in place of an old fishing village, it helped to encourage local crafts, today sold inside and outside the country.

The João Isidoro França Stayed Bridge, built to celebrate the 150 years of the city, is another tourist attraction of Teresina. From the viewing spot, you have a beautiful view of the city and the Poti river.

Those who visit Teresina become fascinated with the local cuisine. Capote, helmeted guinea fowl with aromatic chili, and Maria Isabel, rice with jerked beef, are some of the delicious delicacies of Teresina. Cajuína, a cashew-based, nonalcoholic beverage, and mango, cashew, lemon, and wine palm marmalades are also a highlight.

Although Teresina is a business city, tourism does not leave much to be desired. This is the place where modernity and back country simplicity meet And those who visit this city experience a little of the beauty of this back country culture.

Teresina Airport receives national flights from large Brazilian cities and has international flight connections.
The nearest international airport Fortaleza, which receives flights from Frankfurt, Bogotá, Milan, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Praia (Cape Verde), and Miami.
Road (Bus)
The Teresina Bus Station has intercity and interstate routes.
Av. Presidente Getúlio Vargas, Hugo Prado, Teresina (PI) +55 (86) 3218-1761
Leaving from Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará, you can take a bus to Teresina, about 596 km away from the city.

The public transport system of Teresina is integrated and you can use a single ticket to travel around the city. Refer to the city bus lines.

Personal or rental vehicles
Visitors may rent a car for touring in the city.

The most comfortable way of getting around the city is by taxi. Calculate the fare and refer to the companies providing this type of service.

Teresina Department of Tourism
Teresina Cultural Agenda

The area code(DDD) for Teresina is 86.


Tourist Service Center (Airport): +55 (86) 3133-6270
Teresina Emergency Hospital: +55 (86) 3229-4623
Civil Police: +55 (86) 3216-5212

Teresina is a destination indicated for those who really are used to very high temperatures during the day and night, since the heat there is strong and constant. It is important to be hydrated all the time.

To enter Brazil, vaccination against any type of illness is not mandatory. However, vaccination against yellow fever (a disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes) is recommended before your trip. If you have never taken the vaccine, you need to take it up to 10 days before the trip (this time period is not necessary if you have already been vaccinated).