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Located at the top of a hill, the small village of Trancoso is a district of Porto Seguro and one of the most popular places in Bahia’s coastline. It’s perfect for escaping the fluster of big cities and relaxing by the sea at paradisiac beaches with thin sand and warm water. Beautiful landscapes, amazing ocean and delicious cuisine. This is Trancoso.

How to get there

It’s possible to get to the charming village by car, bus or plane. By bus or plane you need to go to Porto Seguro, where the nearest bus terminal and airport are and then go on to Trancoso.

History and attractions
Established in 1586 by the Jesuits, the village’s main attractions are the beaches, some deserted, like Itaquena and Patimirim, besides the famous Quadrado Histórico (Historical Square). Declared a historical site by the National Artistic and Historical Heritage Institute (Iphan), the Square is filled with colorful houses, B&Bs, restaurants – rustic and elegant – and handicraft shops.

The best thing to do in Trancoso is to visit the beaches. There are tents where you can get drinks and eat typical snacks from Bahia, like acaraje, a fried bean ball filled with dry shrimp and spices. Coqueiros Beach is ten minutes from the village and offers reefs that form natural pools in the low tide and are perfect for snorkeling.

In the South margin of Trancoso river lies the trendy Nativos Beach, where you can ride horses and rent kayaks and surf boards. From Rio Verde Beach to Espelho there are 16 km of deserted sand, passing by Ponta de Itaquena, Ponta de Itapororoca and Barra do Rio dos Frades, where the river runs parallel to the beach. In the opposite direction, towards Arraial d’Ajuda, there are more deserted areas and another excellent spot for bathing in fresh water: Rio da Barra beach. At the end of the day you must watch the sunset from the Church’s outlook.


A few years ago, Trancoso got a new kind of lodging. Charming and private little houses where you can stay and have friends over, without giving up the amenities typical hotel offers, such as breakfast every morning and a clean house. You can also find hostels and super exclusive resorts, with varying prices and location. So it’s better to search and book your lodging in advance, especially during the high season, from December to Carnival. The village also has golf courses of high technical level, surrounded by the dense Atlantic Forest, cliffs and dunes, and a spectacular view of the ocean, which makes the experience even more special.


The beauty in Trancoso is fascinating, and one of the most famous houses there is that of the American announcer and journalist Anderson Cooper, who was delighted with the scenery and beaches of the preserved village.

South of Bahia

The Southern coastline of Bahia is full of paradisiac beaches. Also include in your itinerary Porto Seguro, Ilheus, Itacare, Marau and Cairu.

The nearest airport is Porto Seguro Airport, 47 km from Trancoso, which receives regular flights from the main capital cities in Brazil.
The nearest international airport is in Salvador, 755 km from Trancoso, which has incoming flights from Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Miami and Lisbon.

In Porto Seguro you can take a ferry to Arraial d’Ajuda and, from there, take a bus to Trancoso. The bus trip takes 45 minutes. For further information, call the Tourist Line +55 (73) 3012-2782 or send an email to faleconosco@portosegurotur.comPersonal or rental vehicles

From Salvador, Ilheus or Itacare, take the road BR-101 until Eunapolis, and then BA-367 towards Porto Seguro, and then BA-001 to Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso.

Personal or rental vehicles
The best way to get around in Trancoso and its beaches is on foot. The village invites every visitor to walk around its streets and beaches.

On foot

If you prefer more freedom, you can rent a car to move around Trancoso. Check out some car rental companies.

Trancoso is sunny almost all year round. Winter is from June to August.

Site oficial.
Trancoso, sul da Bahia.

Portal de Trancoso.

Voltage: 220V

Tourist Line: +55 (73) 3012-2782