Arraial do Cabo

With gorgeous local scenery that could totally be in the movies, the spectacular beaches in Arraial do Cabo attract visitors from all over the world.

“The Brazilian Caribbean”. It is with this sign that the city welcomes travelers to Arraial do Cabo, located in the Lake Region of Rio de Janeiro State. Situated approximately 150 km from the state capital, the city is easily accessible and home to a wide variety of beaches with blue crystal-clear waters. The beautiful sunset in the region of Pontal do Atalaia will definitely draw oohs and ahhs from the tourists. 

A tour of Arraial do Cabo simply has to start at sea. From the boats, it is possible to marvel at the natural beauty of local beaches and caves. Visitors on foot will also be able to have unique experiences, either hiking on trails with privileged views of the region, or having unparalleled contact with local nature. The rich local biodiversity includes turtles, squid, stingrays, and even dolphins, making Arraial do Cabo a mandatory stop for diving enthusiasts. 

The city has a wide variety of hotels and inns, which makes it a charming and rustic destination that is just perfect for family trips and a relaxing weekend. Its paradise beaches are, without a doubt, the main local attractions. Keep on reading to discover some of the best beaches in Arraial do Cabo:

Farol beach
Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Farol Beach has blue crystal-clear waters, which allows tourists to dive and observe the incredible local marine life. The only access to the beach is by boat, and visitation is controlled. Visitors can stay for a maximum of 45 minutes, which may seem a little short, but the striking scenery will stay in their memory forever! 

The Beaches in Pontal do Atalaia
Two beaches separated by a large rock. At high tide, however, they become one! Listed as one of the most popular beaches in the city, it can only be accessed by boat or through the renowned stairs that lead to the sand. It’s a favorite spot for tourists to take incredible pictures. 

Brava Beach
Located close to Pontal do Atalaia, the beach can be accessed through a hiking trail and some stairs. The combination of the hike and the rough sea, which gave the beach its name (brava), makes it an ideal place for visitors searching for some peace and quiet away from the crowds. All they have to do is close their eyes, listen to the sounds of the sea, and just relax. 

Praia dos Anjos (Angels Beach)
This is the main departure point for boat rides to different destinations along the local coast, which is why it is almost always a mandatory stop for tourists. In addition, it is a great destination for visitors looking for a delicious gastronomic experience. The beach is home to several restaurants and establishments that serve the most delicious typical local dishes. 

Forno Beach
Visitors will only get to Forno Beach if they hike the trail leading to it or if they take the boat that leaves from Angels Beach. But local landscapes totally make it worth their while. There are different sides to the beach, which will please all visitors. They will be able to choose between the excitement and comfort of kiosks and restaurants, and empty stretches of sand where they will find all the peace and quiet they need.  

Praia Grande (Large Beach)
As the name indicates, it is the largest beach in the city, and also a great option for visitors who think infrastructure is indispensable. The local kiosks and establishments along the waterfront offer tourists all kinds of traditional snacks. In addition, local waves attract surfers, water sports enthusiasts, and adventure lovers.  

Prainha (Small Beach)
A good local infrastructure that includes lots of kiosks and calm waters make Prainha a great option for families traveling with children. The beach is also an access point to a wonderful natural sanctuary. By hiking a small trail, visitors will reach Graçainha Beach, renowned for its peaceful characteristics and for providing ideal conditions for snorkeling.

Arraial do Cabo is a tourist magnet. All the visitors who happen to go to the city cannot wait to return! This Atlantic paradise, and all its magnificent local beaches, calls for a long and relaxing stay. Now all that’s left for you to do is to start planning when you will dive into the crystal-clear waters of Arraial do Cabo.

By Plane
Santos Dumont Airport: +55 (21) 3004-6050
Tom Jobim International Airport (Galeão): +55 (21) 3004-6050
Cabo Frio International Airport: +55 (22) 2647-9500

The nearest airports to the city of Arraial do Cabo are Tom Jobim International Airport (GIG) and Santos Dumont Airport (SDU), both located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. There is also Cabo Frio International Airport (CFB), a smaller airport located only 10 km from Arraial do Cabo, which operates regular flights from the city of Belo Horizonte.  

By Bus
If you are leaving from the city of Rio de Janeiro, the 160-km trip to Arraial do Cabo can be done by bus. The Rio de Janeiro Bus Station operates bus routes to Arraial do Cabo and other destinations in the Lake Region (Região dos Lagos). 

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
Another good option is to rent a car and drive to Arraial do Cabo.  You can check the routes here.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
Visitors can rent a car or a buggy to drive around the city streets and on the beaches in Arraial do Cabo. It is a small town and very easy to get around. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are available in the city.

On Foot
Arraial do Cabo is not a big place, and even the beaches farther away are accessible on foot.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Information Center:
+55 (22) 99932-0614

Arraial do Cabo City Hall:
+55 (22) 2622-1650

Arraial do Cabo Tourism Department:
+55 (22) 2622-1949

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Clima local

The weather in Arraial do Cabo is good all year round and local temperatures do not vary a lot. The warmest period of the year is also the one with the most rainfall, between the months of December and April.