Alter do Chão

The white-sand beaches on the banks of the Tapajós, a river with fresh, warm, blue-green waters, are one of the main attractions of this charming destination surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Alter do Chão was described as one of the best beach destinations in Brazil by English newspaper The Guardian. The village is situated just 38 km from the city of Santarém, in the middle of the Amazon.

Located in a beautiful setting, it is the ideal spot for visitors to enjoy one of the most incredible regions in Brazil. The local beaches appear during the Amazonian summer, which occurs between the months of August and December. During this period, hotels and inns fill up with guests. In addition to enjoying the beaches, visitors are able to hike in the forest, go rappelling, go canyoning, try sports fishing, swim with river dolphins, visit local communities, and fill their suitcases with local handicrafts. During the month of September, visitors get to experience the traditional Sairé Festival, which combines religious, mythological, and cultural elements.

Alter do Chão has beautiful landscapes all year round.

Alter do Chão has beautiful landscapes all year round. Besides the beaches, which appear only in specific months, there are other tour options in the region. Make sure to visit the riverside communities, and explore the local lakes, streams, and igapós (blackwater-flooded forests). It will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

With all the different Amazonian spices, the local cuisine in Alter do Chão is an attraction in itself. You should definitely try dishes made with local fish, as well as their unique cashew stroganoff, and duck in tucupi sauce (a sauce made from wild cassava), which is very popular in the north region.

Before you set out on this incredible adventure, here are some tips to avoid possible problems. In order to pay for some of the local tours, you will need cash, so don’t forget to set some aside for that. During the tours, it’s very important that you do not forget to take sunscreen and insect repellent. When you visit the beaches, drag your feet as you go in the water. That way, you will not step on any freshwater stingrays.

Whatever you do during your trip to the amazing Amazon region, take the time to connect with nature, slow down from your busy everyday life, and just take it all in.

By Plane
+55 (93) 3522-4328
The main airport for those who want to fly into the region is Santarém Airport (STM), which is located just 34 km from Alter do Chão.  

By Boat
+55 (93) 3512-8500
It is possible to get to Santarém from the cities of Manaus or Belém by boat. Departing from Manaus, it is a two-night trip. From Belém, it is a three-night trip.  

By Bus
In Santarém, there is a bus route to Alter do Chão in which buses depart every 30 minutes. The trip over the 38 km separating the cities is not recommended if you are carrying a lot of luggage.

On Foot
One of the best ways to get around the village of Alter do Chão is on foot. The local inns and restaurants are very close to where the boats depart from, and some of the local beaches are close enough to walk. 

By Boat
A great option to visit the local beaches is to navigate the rivers. Tours can be done on boats, speedboats, or even in kayaks. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taking a taxi or using transport applications is one of the options for getting around the city more comfortably.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
A good way to get around the city and to visit nearby destinations is to rent a car.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Assistance:
+55 (
93) 99183-5423

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

The best time to visit Alter do Chão is during the summer period in the Amazon, which happens between the months of August and December, and visitors are able to enjoy the famous freshwater beaches.