We are Brasil, spelled with an S. And this is our brand.

marca brasil 2023

It’s sensational to be back!


We are a diverse and multicultural country that combines a vast array of forms, ecosystems, rhythms, and colors. We are all about sustainability and about protecting the environment. How can one ultimately include all of these elements in just one symbol?

The Brasil Brand reflects all of these nuances and contours that enhance and highlight the qualities of a country that is both modern and larger than life. Many of the references that helped create the brand can be found in nature, such as our green forests, the bright yellow sunshine that blesses our land, bringing joy to all the people, or even the shades of blue that can be seen in the waves along the vast coast of our country.

When combined with the diversity of our people, our spirituality, and our cultural festivities, these elements created the spark for what became the Brasil Brand.

We are revisiting the concept that Brazil is the home of diverse, friendly, and hospitable people. We are also proposing to share a new image of this country with the world, that of a country that is integrated with current scenarios and aware of new ways to foster conservation and sustainability. Brasil, spelled with an S, is proud of its history and ready to keep on creating new experiences and solutions for the world.

This is why the Brasil Brand has been brought back.

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The Brasil Brand is of free use by professionals and companies that promote Brazil abroad, based on concepts that are coherent with the brand’s values, such as diversity and respect for nature and people. It can be used by professionals, as well as national and international organizations.

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    The Brasil Brand was created in 2005 during the Plano Aquarela international marketing plan, and has since become a true symbol of our country around the world. The project was a milestone in Embratur’s history and in the history of Brazilian tourism, playing an important role in the country’s first international marketing plan abroad. The brand is clearly part of a period when all the results indicated a significant qualitative leap in the number of foreign tourists visiting the country for leisure and business alike. A period in which old stereotypes were overcome and a more diverse and modern country with immense potential was shown to the world.

    With the goal of finding a new brand for the country, a national competition was launched during that period. Designs were based on market research and technical criteria and the chosen project was elaborated by Kiko Farkas, an award-winning designer with a degree from the University of São Paulo (USP). The elaboration of the Brand was based on a year’s research by the Brazilian Institute of Tourism, as Embratur was known at the time, and on the impression that 19 target markets had of Brazil.

    the concept

    The layers of curvilinear shapes and colors that make up the Brand were chosen through interviews with tourists, workers involved with hospitality and tourism, and other players in the industry, who pointed out the elements that most reflected a collective image of Brazil. Each of the colors refers to something present in the country.

    the concept

    The layers of curvilinear shapes and colors that make up the Brand were chosen through interviews with tourists, workers involved with hospitality and tourism, and other players in the industry, who pointed out the elements that most reflected a collective image of Brazil. Each of the colors refers to something present in the country.

    the sky and the bodies of water
    the sunshine, beaches, and brightness
    nature and, especially, rainforests
    religious expressions and clothing
    cultural festivities and expressions


    Of russian and hungarian descent, Kiko Farkas explains that his fascination with Brazil stems from memories of family car trips across the country. These memories helped spark the idea of the brand.

    The curves and transparent qualities present in the piece were inspired by brazilian landscapes and hospitality, symbolizing cultural overlap. According to the designer, these forms can be translated as a hug.

    Besides, a watercolor (aquarela in Portuguese) piece by modernist artist Burle Marx is a main reference used by Farkas when he came up with the design.

    On the left, the Aquarela piece by Burle Marx, and on the right, the Brasil Brand.


    the artist

    Photo: Domestika

    Kiko Farkas, an alumnus of the University of São Paulo’s Architecture and Urbanism School, has been the designer, illustrator, and director of Máquina Estúdio since it was founded back in 1987.

    Farkas explains that the creation of the company aimed to enable the development of original projects to which he could add his own view and style, as can be seen, for example, in the way he uses vibrant and saturated colors.

    In addition to the Brasil Brand, he created several other pieces that include a series of posters for the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra and for the São Paulo Municipal Theater.   

    the brand's legacy

    The Brasil Brand has not only grown stronger over the period of 15 years, but also more relevant and acclaimed. This is the result of joint efforts made by Embratur and the Federal and State Governments, which, in turn, attracted spontaneous efforts by the tourism industry.

    According to the Aquarela 2020 Marketing Plan and based on two years’ research by Embratur, Brasil Brand awareness grew from 11% to 20% between 2006 and 2009. The Brand’s constant growth was corroborated by a document called Valorização e Globalização da Marca Brasil – Plano Aquarela, Megaeventos e Marketing Turístico Internacional (The Strengthening and Growth of the Brasil Brand – Aquarela Plan, Mega Events, and International Tourism Marketing), presented to the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) by Embratur in 2011.

    The study also indicated a 25% increase in tourist arrivals to Brazil between 2003 and 2010, which in turn resulted in an increase of over 120% in local tourist products and also stimulated the local industry to provide a greater variety of products.

    In fact, the Pesquisa de Caracterização e Dimensionamento do Turismo Internacional no Brasil (Study on the Characterization and Sizing of International Tourism in Brazil), carried out by Embratur in 2018, pointed out that 34.6% of the tourists who were interviewed were able to identify the Brasil Brand, proving it is consolidated in the travel market.


    Aquarela Plan is elaborated – 1st International Tourism Marketing Plan in Brazil.


    Aquarela Plan and the Brasil Brand with the slogan "Sensational" are launched.


    Aquarela 2020 Plan is launched with the objective of making Brazil the host for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and for the Olympic Games in 2016.


    The visitbrasil.com website is redesigned to give the Brasil Brand more visibility.


    Embratur launches Casa Brasil (Brazil House) during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

    Foto: EBC/Agência Brasil


    The Brand is discontinued by the recently appointed management of Embratur.


    The Brasil Brand is reactivated by the new management of Embratur.

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