Containing cultural as well as gastronomic attractions, the city of Gramado is a specially charming destination. The city’s architecture and its lively artistic events are a great opportunity for tourists to have an incredible cultural experience.

Gramado has been a charming city since its early days. The Bavarian-style buildings are complemented by the beauty of the hydrangea flowers that are so common in the city, adding a Brazilian touch to the region’s European charm. A visit to the city is the starting point to discover and fall in love with gaucho customs, accents, and traditions. 

Local events, such as movie screenings and musical shows, are what makes the cultural program in Gramado so attractive to visitors. Fans of the seventh art are committed to attending the Gramado Film Festival, one of the most renowned in the country. The city has hosted the annual event for nearly 50 years, celebrating national cinematographic productions. If you want to attend the festival, the month of August is when it takes place. 

Bavarian-style buildings, one of Gramado’s icons.

On a different note, the city lights up between the months of October and January, in true fairy-tale style. The Natal Luz de Gramado, a Christmas-themed festival, charms children and adults alike. With an extensive program that includes attractions such as The Great Christmas Parade, a Christmas Village, and several other shows, it is a magical event that makes Christmas time that much more meaningful. 

Serra Gaúcha (Gaucho Highlands) also hosts important musical events such as the Gramado In Concert international music festival.  Several acts, such as orchestras, local bands, and chamber music groups perform as part of an eclectic program that offers the best classical and popular music in the region. Can you imagine yourself enjoying the charming city of Gramado to the sound of great music? You cannot miss this opportunity! 

Another incredible event that takes place in the city is the Gramado Culture and Gastronomy Festival, which combines the delicious local cuisine of Rio Grande do Sul with a wide selection of cultural events, including food and wine tasting, workshops, musical shows, and plays. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Gramado and try delicious dishes prepared by top chefs. 

But if your plan is to learn about the history of Rio Grande do Sul, the perfect event for you is the traditional Festa da Colônia (Colonial Festival), which has been happening for 3 decades. During the event, German, Portuguese, and Italian descendants of colonial settlers joyfully make cultural presentations around the city, celebrating and honoring the local farmers and their history. 

But do not be fooled. Gramado has many more attractions besides its busy cultural agenda. The beautiful architecture in the city is proof that Gramado not only has amazing cultural life, but that local art is also relevant. A visit to Gramado would not be complete without a stop at the Saint Peter Stone Church, a local icon. Standing 46 meters tall, the church tower is magnificent. Tourists often visit the place not only to pray, but also to admire the basalt-stone structure and its beautiful stained glass windows. 

The Gramado experience is only complete with a tour of the city’s several museums, which offer something for everyone. Among the most popular museums in the region, Mundo de Chocolate (Chocolate World) stands out. Visitors will be able to see 300 pieces representing icons from around the world all made of chocolate. Other options include the Medieval Museum, the Dreamland Wax Museum, Gramado Museum (a museum of precious stones), and Hollywood Dream Cars (a museum of classic cars). The possibilities are endless! 

Gramado is a charming destination that tourists will easily fall in love with. All it takes is a visit. After that, they will be counting the days to return. 

By Plane
The airport closest to Gramado is located 66 km away, in the city of Caxias do Sul. It operates a few domestic flights. The closest international airport is located 115 km away, in Porto Alegre, the capital city in the state. 

Personal Vehicles and Rentals
Visitors can drive to Gramado from other countries in South America or from other regions in Brazil. There are plenty of car rental companies to assist tourists. 

Airport Transfers
One of the easiest ways to get to Gramado is to arrange a transfer from the airport in Porto Alegre. This can either be done in advance or when your flight lands. There are plenty of companies to choose from. 

On Foot
Visitors love to stroll around the city, especially during the winter. 

Personal Vehicles and Rentals
This is the easiest way to go sightseeing in Gramado and to visit nearby destinations. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies 
A great way to get around the city is to use taxis and ridesharing companies. 

Useful Numbers

Gramado Tourism Board:
+55 (54) 3286-0220

Tourism Information Center, Avenida Borges Medeiros:
+55 (54) 3286 1475

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

Gramado has mild temperatures even in the summer, but winter really is the popular season in the region. Between the months of June and September, local temperatures vary between 8°C and 20°C.