Porto Seguro

The city of Porto Seguro, gateway to the region known as the Discovery Coast, is a real-life lesson in Brazilian history. It was there that the Portuguese first landed back in the year 1500, eventually falling in love with the whole region. You will certainly feel the same way.

The historic center of Porto Seguro (Cidade Alta), containing houses, streets, and churches dating back to the start of the colonial era in Brazil, was added to the National Heritage  list by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (Iphan) in 1968. The area is home to the Discovery Landmark, the Church of Our Lady of Pena, the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, the Chapel of Saint Benedict, and the Casa de Câmara e Cadeia (the former headquarters for the municipal government, currently the Discovery Museum).  

A stroll around the historic center is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a very important period in the history of Brazil. In addition to the local houses and churches, the region includes other buildings from the colonial period that have great architectural value. Visitors can explore the area on their own or they can go on guided tours, in which they can hear about the historic events and the development of the city in a much more detailed way. 

Porto Seguro’s charming roads and architecture

Something else that every tourist must experience are the popular leisure centers in Porto Seguro. There are several outdoor activities for everyone to have fun. Visitors will be able to enjoy typical local music and learn about the famous Axé from Bahia. Make sure you pay a visit to the Axé Moi, Tôa Tôa, and Barramares leisure complexes. 

The Discovery Coast Cultural Festival, which takes place in the month of April, has a varied cultural program that every visitor just has to experience! It is a great opportunity to learn about Brazilian history and culture to the sound of amazing Brazilian typical music. And speaking of events related to the discovery of Brazil, how about giving it a go in Porto Seguro’s Discovery Coast Half Marathon? It’s the chance to have a close and personal view of where the first events in Brazilian history took place. After the race, everyone can just stroll around the city, try the amazing local cuisine, and relax on the gorgeous beaches in the region. 

When in Porto Seguro, visitors must make the time to see one of the most popular icons in the city. We are talking about the colorful 17th-century colonial houses along Passarela do Descobrimento (Discovery Promenade). This seafront promenade is a great location to browse around, check out the local handicraft market, and try the delicious local cuisine. 

Another interesting option is to visit the indigenous reserves in the region and learn about Brazilian native history and customs. Some of the reserves that are open to visitors are the reserves of Jaqueira, Aldeia Velha, and the Pataxó Cultural Center of Porto do Boi.

A trip to Porto Seguro is a real-life journey back in time. It is a wonderful opportunity to know a little more about the history and culture of the place where it all started for Brazil. Everyone should definitely experience The Discovery Coast. 

By Plane
+55 (73) 3288-1880
Porto Seguro Airport operates non-stop flights from several major cities in Brazil, such as Brasília, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and São Paulo.

Personal Vehicles and Rentals
If you are driving to Porto Seguro from Salvador, you will need to take Federal Highway BR-101 to Eunápolis and then Highway BR-376 to Porto Seguro. In total, it is a 440-mile drive.

By Bus
+55 (73) 3288-1914
Porto Seguro Bus Station operates several interstate bus routes. The nearest major city is Salvador.

Personal Vehicles and Rentals
If you want to visit local attractions in your own time, a good option is to rent a car. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are also available in Porto Seguro.

Useful Numbers

Porto Seguro Tourism Hotline:
+55 (73) 3012-2782

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

The weather in Porto Seguro is so good that it can be enjoyed all year round. Average local temperature is 25°C, but it can reach 40°C in the summer.