Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas

Anavilhanas National Park is the ideal destination for visitors who are looking for a complete nature-tourism experience. Amazing wildlife, vegetation, lakes, and a sky full of stars make the region a truly magical place.

The National Park comprises 400 islands, several lakes, rivers, igapós (blackwater-flooded forests), and impressively diverse wildlife and vegetation. This wealth of natural resources makes it the second largest river archipelago in the world.

Nature plays the main role in the region! If visitors want to enjoy what it has to offer, there are several tourist services that make the whole experience even better. The Park itself and its nearest city, Novo Airão, are great attractions that are definitely worth a visit.

Anavilhanas National Park

Among all the local activities, the ones that stand out are the night walks through the forest with no light but starlight, the meeting of the waters of Rio Negro and Solimões River, getting close to pink river dolphins, boat rides around the region, local trails, bird watching, and nocturnal wildlife observation. Getting to experience the wisdom and knowledge of traditional riverside communities is also something that tourists will cherish forever.  

As the region is very influenced by the level of the water in the local rivers, it is possible to have different experiences depending on the season in which you choose to go. There is a dry season and a flood season, so it is advisable to plan before you make a final decision. The dry season occurs between the months of September and February, and the peak floods take place between the months of March and August.

It is extraordinary to be able to experience flooded forests where the water reaches the top of the trees. Watching the sunset over the islands in the archipelago is something else that everyone must try. During the dry season, visitors can enjoy the white-sand beaches that are formed all around the archipelago. 

It is free to visit Anavilhanas National Park. However, visitors have to pay for some specific activities such as the Voadeira tour (a motorboat ride along the river), or a visit to the Dolphins Floating Deck, a unique attraction that allows you to see pink river dolphins up close. The best thing to do is to plan your days in advance and decide which activities you are interested in doing.

A trip to the park is also part of the experience. Tourists can rent a seaplane to enjoy the beautiful view of the Rio Negro from above as they arrive at the park. They can also travel by boat at night, when they can lie in a hammock and enjoy the magical experience of the stars over the Amazon. Visitors can get to the region by bus, by car, by taxi, and even by helicopter. In other words, the initial trip can also be an important part of the visitor’s experience at the destination.

The archipelago of Anavilhanas is undoubtedly an unforgettable destination where visitors will find amazing natural beauty and have incomparable experiences.

By Plane
+55 (92) 3652-1210
The nearest airport is Eduardo Gomes International Airport, in Manaus (MAO). With prior authorization, visitors can charter a seaplane to land on Rio Negro, or a helicopter to land in open areas in the region.   

By Boat
Boats to Novo Airão depart from the Port of São Raimundo, in Manaus, every Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm. Make sure you check dates and timetables, as there are possible alterations to the schedules from time to time. 

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
Visitors can rent a car and drive approximately 90 km from Manaus to Novo Airão.   

Share Taxis
+55 (92) 99428-0595
+55 (92) 99191-9402
The trip takes around two and a half hours, but it is not a 24-hour service. Please contact the taxi companies that provide the service to organize everything in advance. 

By Bus
+55 (92) 3632-2568
The bus trip between Manaus and Novo Airão takes approximately 4 hours. Make sure you check dates and timetables at the Bus Station in Manaus.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
Visitors can visit the region by car. However, if you need to rent a vehicle, it has to be done in the city of Manaus. 

On Foot
Since Novo Airão is so small, walking is the best way to move around the town.   

By Plane
A wonderful way to see the natural beauty in the region is by flying over the islands and rivers.  

By Boat
Visitors can get to the main attractions along Rio Negro by boat. The experience allows tourists to have close contact with local wildlife and riverside communities.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Assistance:
+55 (92) 99420-8414

+55 (92) 2101-818

Novo Airão City Hall:
+55 (92) 3365-1391

Tourism Department:
+55 (92) 99316-6792

Military Police: 190
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

There is plenty of rain in the region. Nevertheless, it is also quite hot. Therefore, pack light clothes and do not forget your umbrella. Make sure you also pack a hat or a cap and some sunblock.