A popular saying in the state of Mato Grosso claims that “whoever visits Cuiabá and eats the head of a pacu fish will never leave the city.” There is no way to prove if this is true or not, but the fact is that the local cuisine in the capital city of Mato Grosso state will really make tourists want to stay longer because of its unique and delicious local dishes.

Brazilian historical memory has been built on the cultural pillars of different peoples. This miscegenation reflects Brazilian diversity in many aspects, and it can really be seen in the local cuisine.

And this is exactly what happens in Mato Grosso State. Influenced by immigrants from Portugal, Spain, Africa, and also by local indigenous communities, the local cuisine in the city of Cuiabá includes surprisingly unique options. 

Roasted fish

Located on the banks of Cuiabá River, the city has plenty of freshwater. As a result, local menus include lots of different types of fish. Some of the local favorites are the delicious pacu (from the piranha family), brycon, pintado (a local species of catfish), and piraputanga fish. Local dishes are delightfully colorful and spicy, and a testament to local history.

And Cuiabá has even more interesting options when it comes to desserts. Local sweets are generally home-made and include ingredients that are easily found in the region. Some of the most common sweets are rice cake, furrundu (a type of papaya sweet), and rapadura (a sweet made from sugarcane juice). A warning to those who are easily moved: local sweets can stir up all your childhood memories. 

Whether you will be delighted by the delicious fish dishes or taken back to your childhood days by the local sweets, you can be certain of one thing. The capital of Mato Grosso State will offer you a unique culinary experience. What are you waiting for? Add Cuiabá to your list of places to visit and come enjoy its delicious local cuisine.

By Plane
+55 (65) 3614-2500
Cuiabá International Airport operates daily domestic flights. A great travel hub for foreign visitors who wish to go to Cuiabá is the International Airport of Brasilia, which operates flights to and from several countries..

By Bus
+55 (65) 3621-1515
The Bus Station in Cuiabá operates bus routes from most major Brazilian cities. The best routes are through highways BR-364, BR-163, and BR-070.

By Bus
There are several intercity bus routes that cover the whole city of Cuiabá. Please visit Pantanal Transportes (the local transport authority) for more information on local routes.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
A great way to see the attractions around the city and to visit nearby destinations is to rent a car. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
If you want to get around the city more comfortably, taxis and ridesharing companies are available.

Useful Numbers

Tourism Department:
+55 (65) 3617-1261

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

There are basically two seasons in Cuiabá: The rainy season, between the months of October and April, and the dry season, between May and September.