Florianópolis is heaven for tourists who love warm weather, sunshine, and seafood. The city goes by the nickname of Floripa and its cuisine combines the best of Brazil’s seaside towns and European cultural references.

The natural beauty in Florianópolis makes it a favorite location amongst surfers and tourists who love the beach. Local cuisine, which mixes Brazilian and Portuguese flavors, adds to the city’s tourist appeal and is one of the reasons why Floripa should definitely make it onto your bucket list.

The state of Santa Catarina is historically connected to Portuguese immigration, especially from the region of Azores. The combination between typical European flavors and Brazilian characteristics resulted in mouth-watering delicacies.

Casquinha de siri, crab stew with typical seasonings

The highlights on the list of local dishes include all sorts of seafood, such as fish, crab meat, shrimp, clams, and oysters. Fun fact: the state of Santa Catarina is one of the main producers of oysters in Brazil, which makes this particular dish very easy to find in local restaurants. Cassava flour, which can be prepared in several different ways, is also a widely used ingredient in Floripa’s cuisine. Cereals and native fruit (which are very refreshing) add interesting texture and diversity to local dishes.

Whoever wants to check out Floripa’s local cuisine should definitely visit the Florianópolis Public Market, a century-old building built in 1898 to replace the former market. It has more than 100 booths where visitors can enjoy local bars and restaurants, buy clothes, and handicraft pieces made of pottery or wicker. The Florianópolis Public Market is an important historic and cultural landmark and the perfect spot for tourists and locals to enjoy a cheerful, cozy, and spontaneous atmosphere. It’s a mandatory stop for anyone visiting the city!

Floripa’s cuisine has lots of unique and unforgettable flavors for all tastes and preferences. If you are a culinary tourism enthusiast and are looking for an amazing gastronomic experience, the capital city in the state of Santa Catarina is the place for you!

By Plane
+55 (48) 3331-4000
Hercílio Luz International Airport operates domestic and international flights.

By Bus
+55 (48) 3212-3100
Florianopolis Bus Station is located in the central region of the city.  Several bus companies operate over 500 routes to and from destinations in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina.

By Bus
The local Tourist Bus Route will take you all around the island, stopping at the main attractions. If you prefer, there are also regular bus routes in the city.

By Bike
You can have fun and enjoy downtown Florianópolis on a bicycle. Click here to find out where you can rent one. 

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
A great way to see the attractions around the city and to visit nearby destinations is to rent a car. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are available if you want to get around the city more comfortably. 

Useful Numbers

Tourism Department:
+55 (48) 3952 7004
Tourist Information Center (toll free):
0800 644 6300

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

The period between the months of December and March is summer in Brazil. Average temperatures can reach 30ºC in the region. It is also the wettest period of the year in the city. As of autumn, there is less rain, which is ideal for outdoor activities. However, temperatures can drop as low as 10ºC in the winter.