Porto Velho

Porto Velho is a cultural melting pot and it definitely reflects in its local cuisine, in which local fish are the predominant ingredients. When you visit the region, make sure you try the traditional caldeirada (fish stew).

The state of Rondonia has inherited cultural traits from several different places. The capital city, Porto Velho, is located on the border with Bolivia, and therefore has absorbed some aspects and customs from the neighboring country. Simultaneously, local residents include people who have migrated to Porto Velho from every region in Brazil.

Fish stew, one of the typical dishes of Porto Velho

Local cuisine reflects this mixture of identities by combining seasoned flavors from the Northeast of the country, local ingredients and typical recipes from the North, and some traditional items from the South and Southeast. Basically, everyone who tries the local dishes falls in love with them. 

Despite its peculiarities, there is one thing that everyone can be certain of when it comes to the local cuisine in Porto Velho. Fish, which is caught in local rivers, is the most common ingredient for the typical dishes in the region. The favorite types of fish among residents for the traditional fish stew called caldeirada are the tambaqui and the tucunaré (peacock bass). It is a very spicy dish served with a side of pirão (a delicious gruel made by stirring cassava flour into a fish-based broth). It is an excellent choice for visitors who want to try a local dish.  

Visitors who have a sweet tooth will definitely enjoy some cupuaçu pie or a local sweet made with buritis.  Cupuaçu is a typical local fruit found in the Amazon. It has a remarkable flavor, which can be sweet or sour, depending on how it is prepared. And Buriti is the fruit of local moriche palm trees, which are very common in the northern regions of the country.

There is a popular saying In Porto Velho which claims that “whoever drinks from the Madeira River will never leave.” The fact is that the capital of Rondônia State has many charming attractions. It is the ideal destination for visitors who want to discover new places, try new flavors, and have a totally novel experience. 

By Plane
+55 (69) 3219-7450
Governador Jorge Teixeira International Airport operates domestic flights to and from major Brazilian cities as well as international flights. 

By Bus
+55 (69) 3901-3160
Porto Velho Bus Station operates several interstate bus routes. 

By Boat
It is possible to get to Porto Velho by navigating Madeira River. Please check with specialized companies for routes and timetables.

By Bus
There are several bus routes in the city, which makes it very easy to get around by bus. 

Personal Vehicle or Rentals
A good option to get around Porto Velho and visit nearby destinations in the state of Rondonia is to rent a car. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are a comfortable way to get around the city. 

Useful Numbers

Tourist Assistance Center:
+55 (69) 3901-3180
Tourism Department:
+55 (69) 3212-9940

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

The best time to visit the city and enjoy local tours is between the months of May and September. Between the months of January and March, rains are more common, which can affect the boat tours on Madeira River.