Rio de Janeiro

Described as the perfect destination by visitors who love warm weather and surfing, the wonderful city proves that it does not only have beautiful beaches. Its local cuisine, influenced by several different regions, is as Brazilian as it gets.

Considered the city that best represents Brazil by a large number of people, Rio de Janeiro is undeniably one of the places that attract the most tourists every year. Immortalized in bossa nova songs, the city has inexplicable charms that go far beyond its beaches. And its local cuisine is just another chapter in the history of the capital city in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Cod fritters, one of Rio’s famous snacks.

Colonized by the Portuguese for almost two centuries, Rio de Janeiro not only reflects European influence in its historic identity, but also in its local cuisine. Local recipes have undergone adaptations that give them Brazilian flavors and qualities, like with cod fish dishes, for example, which are impressively sophisticated and subtle. 

Another famous Brazilian dish that is extremely popular in Rio de Janeiro is the feijoada (black bean stew). Containing striking flavor and texture, this celebrated dish of African origin, prepared with pork cuts, has lots of different versions around the country. Although recipes may differ, one thing is certain: feijoada is a delicious dish. In Rio de Janeiro, visitors will be able to order it in bars and restaurants all over the city. 

There is no way to talk about food in the wonderful city without mentioning their famous snacks, served in all kinds of bars scattered around town. Two of the most popular are cod fritters and chopped beef tenderloin with French fries. They taste even better with a glass of ice-cold draft beer, of course. 

Some may say that Rio de Janeiro combines all the Brazilian traditions in one place. Whether that is true or not, we cannot be really sure. All we know is that visitors will be able to enjoy all the delicious food in Rio de Janeiro while marveling at the breathtaking landscapes around town. Make sure you add Rio to your travel list and come discover the city from a new perspective. 

By Plane
+55 (21) 3004-6050
Tom Jobim International Airport operates domestic flights from many cities in Brazil and international flights from all over the world. Visitors who are already in Brazil may prefer  domestic flights arriving at the more central Santos Dumont Airport.  

By Bus
+55 (21) 3213-1800
If you are already in another city in Brazil, you can get to Rio by bus. You will arrive at Novo Rio Bus Station, which is close both to the Downtown area and to the South Zone (where the famous neighborhoods are). The main Brazilian bus companies operate there on a daily basis. 

By Ship
+55 (21) 2233-2762
Several cruises make stops at the Port of Rio de Janeiro. Their itineraries vary according to the company and to the travel packages that have been bought.

By Bus
There are plenty of bus routes for tourists to go anywhere in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Here you can find out which bus routes go to the main tourist spots in the city.  

On Foot
Walking around the city of Rio de Janeiro is a great experience, especially on the promenade in the neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. You should try it! 

By Subway
The subway in Rio de Janeiro is safe, efficient, and easy to use. Tickets are sold at ticket counters and there are self-service ticket machines. Stations are open from Monday to Saturday from 5:00 am to midnight, and on Sundays and holidays from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Here is the subway map

VLT (Light Rail)
Rio’s light rail system (VLT) is a modern, safe, accessible, and sustainable means of transportation that integrates the neighborhoods in the Port Region and the Center of the city. It is the best option for those who want to get around in Rio de Janeiro’s downtown area. Here is the map

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are a comfortable way to get around the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Useful Numbers

Riotur – Tourist Information:
+55 (21) 3460-1746
Police Assistance to Tourists – DEAT:
(21) 2332-2924

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

The weather in Rio de Janeiro is warm all year round. The best time to visit the city is from June to September, when it is not so hot and there is less rain. Please take light and comfortable clothes if you are planning to walk around the city.