Fernando de Noronha

A place of indescribable beauty, Fernando de Noronha has some of the most stunning beaches in Brazil. The perfect combination of crystal clear-waters, golden sand, and amazing marine life fascinates people from all over the world.

The archipelago is renowned for its rustic beaches, and also for activities such as diving, surfing, and wildlife and nature observation. Its warm crystal-clear waters are home to very diverse marine life, which includes sea turtles, stingrays, dolphins, and reef sharks. 

It is the perfect destination for visitors looking for peace and quiet and stunning natural scenery. Take the opportunity to experience the wonders of the island on a boat, follow trails that will take you to unforgettable locations, or go diving and surfing. If you prefer less active options, however, how about going for a dip at Conceição Beach?

Beach in Fernando de Noronha

Speaking of beaches, here are some of the most impressive on the island:

Sancho Bay
Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Sancho Bay has crystal-clear emerald-green waters, and visibility is perfect to watch marine life. It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with its amazing beauty and untouched wildlife and vegetation. Upon arriving at the beach, visitors must pass by a visitor center, where access to the beach is controlled. There is a pathway that leads to the beach, to Mirante dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Viewpoint), and Mirante da Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs Viewpoint).

There are no food stalls or kiosks in the area, so it is important to take your own water and snacks. 

Cacimba do Padre Beach
An ideal location for surfing, Cacimba do Padre has a wide strip of sand facing the beautiful ocean. Between the months of December and March, the waves can be bigger, so it is important to be very careful. A favorite among surfers, the beach regularly hosts national and international surfing competitions. Cacimba do Padre is a mandatory stop for anyone traveling to Fernando de Noronha as it is the home of the famous Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Hill), the icon of the island. In order to get to Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs), visitors must also pass through Cacimba to Padre.

Baía dos Porcos (Bay of Pigs)
Renowned for the natural pools that are formed at the end of the beach at low tide, the bay is the perfect place to go free-diving. The sea is blue-green, which contrasts beautifully with the rock wall that surrounds it. If you want to experience the best local view, take the trail on the right hand side. It will give you a panoramic view of the bay and of the twin rocks.

Leão Beach
Leão beach is one of the most reserved in Fernando de Noronha, so it is ideal for visitors who like quieter places. In a gorgeous setting, its striking feature is the formation of coral reefs by limestone algae, sponges, and rocks. Between the months of December and May, Leão Beach becomes the main nesting grounds for green sea turtles. Therefore, after 6 pm, visitors are forbidden to remain on the beach, which is carefully monitored in order to prevent accidents with the turtles.

Conceição Beach
One of the most popular spots on the island, Conceição Beach is a favorite with the locals. Both tourists and residents go there to enjoy the beautiful sunset, play sports, and spend a warm day by the sea. The beach is not only large and beautiful, but it also provides visitors with the peace and quiet that they are looking for when they decide to visit Fernando de Noronha.

Baía dos Golfinhos (Bay of Dolphins)
Renowned for the daily presence of spinner dolphins in local waters, the bay is off limits to divers and swimmers. However, it is possible to marvel at all the local beauty and also watch the dolphins from Mirante dos Golfinhos (Dolphin Viewpoint), located very close to Sancho Bay. A good tip is to go in the morning as more dolphins show up during that period and the chance of taking spectacular photos is much greater.

All the beaches in Fernando de Noronha are absolutely amazing! The breathtaking landscapes and incomparable local nature are the perfect setting to live unique and unforgettable experiences in one of the most sensational places in Brazil.

By Plane
Guararapes International Airport | Recife: +55 (81) 3322-4188
Augusto Severo International Airport | Natal: +55 (84) 3343-6060
Fernando de Noronha Airport: +55 (81) 3619 0951 | (81) 3619 0950

The nearest international airports to the archipelago are Guararapes International Airport, in Recife, and Augusto Severo International Airport, in Natal. From these two cities, there are daily flights to Fernando de Noronha Airport. 

By Boat
You can also get to Fernando de Noronha on sailboat or yacht, make sure you have all the necessary papers and authorization. You will also need to pay the local anchorage fee. 

By Bus
A cheap option to move around the Island is to use public local transport, which runs daily from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. Buses depart every 30 minutes. 

Personal Vehicles and Rentals
If you want to have more freedom to get around the island, the best option is to rent a car or a dune buggy. There are several rental companies on the island. 

By Bicycle
Another great option to move around the island is by bicycle. You can rent either conventional bicycles or electric ones.  

Useful Numbers

Island Management:
+55 (81) 3619-9600
Police Station:
+55 (81) 3619-0843
+55 (81) 3619 0923

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

Local weather is pretty hot, so pack light clothes. Do not forget to take a cap and plenty of sunscreen. Temperature is pretty stable all year long, with an average of 28ºC.