One of the most popular destinations in the Brazilian Northeast Region, the capital of Ceará State has stunning natural beauty, year-round sunshine, and all types of beaches.

Containing a stunning coastline, Fortaleza has beaches with completely different characteristics from each other. Some are located in busy neighborhoods with lots of bars and beach clubs on the waterfront, while others are very secluded and can only be reached through trails in the middle of the woods or by boat. And then there are those beaches that are perfect to practice water sports including, among others, windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, and diving.

Cumbuco Beach

The most popular among all the amazing beaches in Fortaleza are: 

Futuro Beach
One of the busiest beaches in the capital city of Ceará, Futuro Beach has clear waters, soft sand, and lots of entertainment. Local infrastructure includes several kiosks where visitors can try the local cuisine, and the beach is also a great spot to go surfing.

Iracema Beach
Iracema beach is located in a gorgeous setting and it’s a perfect location to go for a walk on a sunny day. A good option is to walk along the seafront all the way to Ponte dos Ingleses (Englishmen Bridge), where you will be dazzled by an unforgettable sunset. If you are lucky, you will be able to see some dolphins in the distance, another spectacle in itself! There are countless attractions in the city, including the Dragão do Mar Cultural Center, a beautiful and majestic building that everyone falls in love with.

Meireles Beach
The Meireles beach promenade is something that catches the eye of every visitor. But it is the coconut trees swinging in the breeze and the view of the green ocean that charms those who come by. In the evenings, it is also possible to enjoy the area. The Feirinha Beira Mar (Beachfront Market) has a wide variety of products including local handicrafts and typical food.

Mucuripe Beach
Popular with tourists who want to see all the rafts, fishermen, boats, and the amazing Mercado dos Peixes (Fish Market), where they can get a wide variety of fresh products, Mucuripe Beach is incredibly beautiful at the end of the day. Visitors sit at local establishments to enjoy good music and marvel at the gorgeous local view. There are all kinds of bars, restaurants, and entertainment for everyone. 

Sabiaguaba Beach
Located in the Municipal Natural Park of Dunas de Sabiaguaba, in an environmental conservation area where Cocó River meets the sea,  Sabiaguaba Beach is very secluded. It is the only region that has a dune field. Visitors will have to go past the dunes to go for a dip in the fresh waters of Cocó River. 

Cumbuco Beach
Cumbuco Beach is located in a quiet village about 35 km from Fortaleza. Containing many luxury resorts and excellent infrastructure, Cumbuco is renowned for its buggy rides. Visitors can choose if they want a quiet ride or a daring ride around the dunes. After the adrenaline rush, visitors can enjoy the incredible local freshwater pools, such as Parnamirim Lagoon. 

Canoa Quebrada Beach
One of the most popular beaches in Ceará, Canoa Quebrada Beach is located about 160 km from Fortaleza. The place, which was originally a hippie village, has turned into a major tourist center. The beach has wonderful crystal-clear waters all year round. In addition to enjoying the beach, visitors can also enjoy their day at one of the local beach huts and marvel at the multicolored cliff wall, one of Canoa Quebrada’s icons. 

If you are looking for a destination that includes adventure, nature, and amazing beaches, Fortaleza should definitely be your next stop!

By Plane
+55 (85) 3392-1030
Pinto Martins International Airport operates flights from all major cities in Brazil and from some international destinations.

By Bus
+55 (85) 3256-5786
If you are already in Brazil, you can get to Fortaleza by bus. Engenheiro João Thomé Bus Terminal is located just a few kilometers from the airport.

By Bus
The city has plenty of bus routes that will take visitors to most local tourist attractions. For more information on the routes, please visit the Fortaleza City Hall website.

On Foot
A stroll along the city’s beautiful beachfront is a unique experience. Besides taking a pleasant walk and experiencing the breathtaking sunset, visitors can check out the beachfront stalls for souvenirs and typical handicrafts.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
A good way to get around the city and to visit nearby destinations is to rent a car. 

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are a comfortable way to get around the city.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Information Center – Airport:
+55(85) 3488.5869
Tourist Information Center – Central Market:
+55 (85) 3105.1475

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

Fortaleza is generally sunny all year round. Out of all the state capital cities in the Brazilian Northeast, it is the one that gets the least rain. Having said that, the rainy season begins in January and lasts till June. The dry season begins in August and lasts till December.