One of three Brazilian capital cities located on islands, Vitória will fascinate all its visitors with natural beauty as well as with historic and cultural attractions.

Vitória is a charming and peaceful city. It only takes a few days to visit the whole island, which contains an extensive coastline and mild weather. It is a wonderful destination for those who love beaches and sunshine.

There are lots of beautiful beaches and tour options in the region. Although Camburi is the only beach on the mainland, visitors will find many other beaches in the metropolitan area, such as Guarapari, Castanheiras, Praia Grande and Ilha do Boi, Ilha do Frade, Praia da Costa, Itapoã, Coqueiral de Itaparica, Jacaraípe, and Manguinhos, each one with different attractions to offer!

For those who just have to experience local nature and local cuisine on their trips, the neighborhoods of Ilha das Caieiras and Curva da Jurema have restaurants on the seafront that serve the traditional moqueca capixaba, a delicious typical fish or seafood stew. 

Curva da Jurema Beach, in Vitória

Camburi Beach
Camburi Beach, the most popular in Vitória, stretches for 6 km and is the only one on the mainland. The beachfront is an excellent location for people who like to continue their exercise routines even when they travel. The local promenade is ideal to go for a walk, ride a bike, or go skateboarding and roller skating. It’s an attraction in itself.  

Curva da Jurema Beach
Those who like the morning sun will enjoy running on the sand along Curva da Jurema Beach. Because of its calm and crystal-clear waters, it is a great place to spend the day with family and friends. There are plenty of kiosks on the beach that serve snacks and seafood dishes for those who want to try the local cuisine. 

Ilha do Frade (Friar’s Island) Beach
The beach has calm, crystal-clear waters, and it is possible to admire the incredible coastline of the state capital. The visitor will have a beautiful view of Ilha do Boi (Ox Island), Penha Convent, Moreno Hill, and the Third Bridge. The beach is especially enjoyable to those who enjoy peace and quiet. It’s a relaxing paradise-like location where you can take amazing pictures and create fond memories of your trip to Vitória.

Praia Grande (Large Beach) e Ilha do Boi (Ox Island)
These beaches are also known as Left Beach and Right Beach, depending on which way you turn when you get to the beachfront street. The difference between them is basically their infrastructure. While Left Beach has kiosks, restaurants, stores, handicraft stands, and parking spaces, Right Beach does not have so many options.

Castanheiras Beach
If you are looking for a beach with calm, shallow waters where you can take your children and just relax, Castanheiras Beach is a wonderful option. It is also a great location to go snorkeling, especially at high tide. Its name comes from the chestnut trees (castanheiras in Portuguese) along the beach that make it such a unique place. 

If, on the other hand, you decide to explore the region a little bit farther away from the capital city, the state coastline is home to several different types of beaches. There are dunes, beautiful coves, beaches with warm waters, beaches with crystal-clear waters, and even beaches with monazite sand, commonly used medicinally. The beaches in the state have unique characteristics which allow tourists to appreciate and interact with nature, making their trip an unforgettable experience.

By Plane
+55 (27) 3235-6300 | +55 (27) 3235-6350
Vitória Airport is the main airport in the state of Espírito Santo and operates only domestic flights. The closest international airports to Vitória are Confins, in Belo Horizonte, and Galeão, in Rio de Janeiro.

By Bus
+55 (27) 3203-3666
Vitória Bus Station operates intercity and interstate routes.

By Boat
+55 (27) 3132-7303
The Port of Vitória operates with vessels of all sizes, including cruise liners. Please contact specialized companies in your city for more information.

By Bus
Three local bus companies operate 52 conventional bus routes as well as two selective bus routes which include air-conditioned buses. Buses operate with automated fare collection and cover all the neighborhoods in the city. For more information on local routes, please click here.

By Bicycle
Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Vitória. It is possible to rent bikes in several locations around the city using the Bike Vitória app, available for IOS and Android phones.

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
Taxis and ridesharing companies are a great option to get around the city.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
A good way to get around the city and to visit nearby destinations is to rent a car.

Useful Numbers

Tourist Information Center:
+55 (27) 3327-0519

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

Vitória is located in humid tropics. This means that monthly temperatures are consistently high and rarely drop below 18 degrees celsius throughout the year. The rainy season starts in October and lasts until January, and the hottest period of the year is between the months of December and March.