Belém has a little of everything that makes Brazil such a special country: beautiful forests, rich local cuisine, historical heritage, unforgettable tourist attractions and, especially, beaches.

Located at the mouth of Tocantins River, the capital city in the state of Pará has plenty of great options for tourists. Due to its location, visitors can choose between fresh and saltwater beaches in the region.

A beach on Marajó Island

Pesqueiro Beach
Pesqueiro Beach is a freshwater beach that has warm waters and white sand. It has good tourist infrastructure, and there are huts scattered along the beach where visitors will find chairs and also hammocks. 

Barra Velho Beach
This extremely charming rustic beach is located on Marajó Island.  

Atalaia Beach
Atalaia Beach has dark sand and green waters, and tourists can approach the shore with their cars. The beach has good tourist infrastructure, and there are kiosks along the whole beach.

Princesa Beach
A beach where the tide is very low, and the strip of sand stretches for 14 km. It has good infrastructure and kiosks to cater to the visitors’ needs.  

Cururu Beach
Cururu Beach, located in Santarém, attracts many tourists looking for peace and quiet. During the dry season, the region becomes a tourist paradise due to its natural scenery. 

Vai Quem Quer Beach
Vai Quem Quer Beach is located on the island of Cotijuba, close to the city of Belém. It got its name because it is a more secluded beach, located a little distant from urban centers. Vai quem quer roughly translates to “go if you want to.” The place has rustic inns and restaurants that serve typical food.

About 80 km from Belém, visitors will find Mosqueiro Island, which is the perfect place for ecotourism, leisure, and adventure-related activities on its several beaches. 

Tourists looking for a quieter destination will find that Marajó Island is a great option. The island can be reached by ferry boat from Belém, and it is home to several quiet beaches that are ideal for the whole family, such as Praia Grande (Long Beach), Água Boa Beach, and Joanes Beach. Besides all the water-related activities, visitors can also enjoy Jesuit ruins dating back to the Brazilian colonization period. There are also other options, such as Pesqueiro Beach and Jubim Beach, where visitors will find restaurants that serve typical local food. 

With so many beach options, Belém will amaze you with its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes.

By plane
+55 (91) 3210-6000
The International Airport of Belém receives domestic flights from most Brazilian capitals, as well as international flights.

By bus
+55 (91) 3266-2625
The Belém Bus Terminal operates intercity and interstate lines. 

By boat
+55 (91) 3182-9136
The city has an excellent river transport structure. The Port of Belém is interconnected with other destinations in northern Brazil, such as Manaus, Santarém, and Macapá. 

By Bus
There are several bus lines serving the city. If you want to find out more about bus routes and timetables, please visit the ViaLoc website.

Personal Vehicles or Rentals
A good way to get around the city and to visit nearby destinations is to rent a car. 

By boat
Some tourism agencies offer boat rides in which visitors will experience the Amazon Forest, the city’s river shore, some riverside communities, and nearby islands. The most traditional boat tours depart from Estação das Docas (Wharf Station):

Taxis and Ridesharing Companies
One of the options to get around the city comfortably is to use local taxis and ridesharing companies. 

Useful Numbers

Pará Tourism Authority:
+55 (91) 3110-5000
Tourist Police:
+55 (91) 3212-0883
+55 (91) 98123-1178

Military Police: 190
Paramedics: 192
Fire Department: 193

Power Voltage


Local Weather

Belém has warm weather all year round, but it also gets lots of rainfall. The wettest months are February, March, and April. The best period to visit the city is between the months of August and November, when there is less rain.