Carnival in Salvador Carnival in Salvador

One of Brazil’s greatest street parties, it attracts people from all over the world.

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Have you ever thought about going to Brazil’s most popular party? This is what Carnival is like in Salvador, the capital of Bahia State. It is considered one of the country’s greatest events and the celebration, which lasts around 10 days, gathers over a million people on the city’s streets every year.

Driven by the axe beats, a local music genre, the crowd dances day and night along with the electric trios, huge trucks equipped with sound boxes and a stage for a number of artists to perform. The trios make three circuits around the city: the Batatinha (Portuguese for Little Potato), at Pelourinho; the Dodo, between the neighborhoods Barra and Ondina; and the Osmar, in the downtown area.

The party happens both in the carnival boxes and on the streets. Those who wish to fully experience this event must purchase the identification t-shirts, known as abadas, which serve as tickets for the blocks. The abadas also ensure private security and, in case you choose to buy the entrance to the boxes, beverages and food. But never mind if you cannot afford the tickets for you can also enjoy the Carnaval Pipoca – which literally means Popcorn Carnival in Portuguese –, a free alternative version of the party.


Mobile Emergency Phone Number: 192

Take cash, but be careful when handling it.

Avoid going out by yourself and make sure to arrange a round trip to the circuit.

Wear light clothes, including a cap or a hat, and lots of sunscreen.

When From February 28 to March 6, 2019 Add to calendar

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