Caruaru's St. John Festival Caruaru's St. John Festival

The capital of forro (Brazilian rhythm), Caruaru is the birthplace of one of the largest open air festivals of the country.

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Typical food, dances and musical presentations. Since the 1960s, the city of Caruaru, in the state of Pernambuco, colors its streets for the entire month of June for one of the most typical celebrations of Brazilian culture: Caruaru's St. John's Festival.

Through the years, the city's huge June festival has taken the proportions of a touristic event, and today it gathers a great number of visitors from several places of Brazil and abroad.

The festival has several attractions spread across eight spots, called animation poles, the main one being the Patio de Eventos Luiz Lua Gonzaga, best known as Patio do Forro. More than one hundred presentations happen there, with trios of forro pe-de-serra, a typical rhythm of the Northeast region, and famous names of Brazilian popular music.

The quadrilhas, traditional dances in the Brazilian June festivals, an enormous bonfire and delicious typical foods, such as churrasquinho (kebabs on a skewer) and the cocada (a coconut confection), are elements never absent.


As in every public space, mind your belongings.

Drink a lot of water, because the weather in the city is very hot.

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