Oktoberfest Oktoberfest

Full of traditional German symbolism, Oktoberfest is a whole universe of beer, dancing, music and local cuisine.

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Oktoberfest’s first edition in Blumenau was in 1984 and gathered circa 100 thousand people in ten days’ worth of party. The party was so successful that, in the next year, it attracted visitors from many neighboring cities and countries. The consolidation of the event, however, happened only on its third edition, when it was necessary to build an extra pavilion in the Vila Germanica and use the sports gymnasium to house the growing number of tourists.

The event has grown in proportions that turned the city into the most visited one in the state of Santa Catarina in the month of October. And beer is not the only thing that attracts tourists, for Oktoberfest is all about German culture, tradition, and folklore.

Currently, the event lasts for 19 days of traditional German music, gastronomy and dancing, and welcomes over 500 thousand people per year. The citizens prepare their city very well to celebrate the event and plan many activities with love and care.

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