Campina Grande

Saint John’s Festival of Campina Grande Saint John’s Festival of Campina Grande

An entire month of celebration, with lots of regional cuisine, folklore, joy, human warmth, and forro music.

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The June festivals, also known as Saint John’s festivals, have been traditional events in Brazil since its colony times, especially in the Northeast. The Saint John’s Festival of Campina Grande is one of the largest in the country and has 30 consecutive days of festivities and more than 100 thousand visitors every year. The event has happened since 1983 and has an excellent infrastructure to receive and entertain thousands of people.

The festival takes place at Parque do Povo, which is filled with more than 300 booths with local cuisine and handcrafted items, in addition to stages for musical concerts and performances of folk dances. The 42 thousand m² area is ornamented with colorful flags and even has a scenographic fire that is 20 meters high. During the festivities, a collective wedding is celebrated.

One of the event’s attractions is the Expresso do Forro, a train that takes you to a short trip to the Galante district, 18 km from Campina Grande, and offers bar and restaurant services, besides lots of forro pe-de-serra music, a typical rhythm from the Northeast.

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